VHS_WildRides2[VHS: Discovery Channel – 1996 – 52 mins]. (2 of 2) Jump on board for an unforgettable ride on some of the wildest roller coasters on the planet! Travel to London [Staffordshire actually!] Paris, Barcelona and across North America and experience the rush of death defying aerial delights found in thrill parks all over the world. See how technology is helping designers push thrill rides to extraordinary new limits, perpetually creating rides that are bigger, higher, faster. Take the plunge – and feel the speed! Coasters featured include: Montu; Raptor; Alpengeist; Mantis; Riddler’s Revenge; Wildcat (HersheyPark); Zeus (Carts & Coasters); Cyclone (Lakeside); Racer; Tonnerre de Zeus; Phoenix; The Comet (The Great Escape). ANDY SHINE SAYS: I enjoyed this, and you will too. All those lovely coasters. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.