TrackingTheThrills[Book: Devin Olson – 2006 – 15x23cm – 140 Pages – Many colour photos]. Whether you’re the occasional park visitor or devoted thrill-seeker, here is your guide through North America! For each of fifty parks featured, you will discover a wealth of information, with comprehensive listings and honest reviews. You will also find valuable tips and recommendations for each park. This is your guide to ride on the wild side. Featured Articles: The Birth of a Phenomenon – Tracing the American Theme Park. From Dreams to Screams – The Making of a Modern Coaster. Commitment to Safety – Relentless Effort to Keep Thrills Rideable. Where to Go From Here – Following the Patterns Through Time. Coasting on Enthusiasm – An Obsession with Extreme Rides. Advice From the Inside – Get the Most Thrill for Your Dollar. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.