FairgroundAttractions[Book: Deborah Philips – 2012 – 16x24cm – 298 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Investigates the cultural production of the visual iconography of popular pleasure grounds, from the 18th Century pleasure garden to the contemporary theme park. Chapter Points: Pleasure Gardens, Great Exhibitions and Wonderlands – A Genealogy of the Carnival Site; Illustrations and Innovations – The Metonymic Icons of the Carnival; Mickey Mouse Chivalry – Chivalric Romance; Fairy Tale Romance; Monsters, Murders and Vampires – The Gothic Tradition; The Riddles of the Sphinx – Egyptomania; Boy’s Own Stories – Explorer Heroes; Treasure Islands and Blue Lagoons; Future Imperfect – Science and Technology; Constructing the Frontier – The Western; Consuming the West – Main Street, USA; Notes; Bibliography; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.