WildwoodByTheSea[Book: David W. Francis, Diane Demali Francis & Robert J. Scully Sr – 1998 – 22x28cm – 258 Pages – Many B&W few colour photos]. The scent of sunscreen, the spray of the ocean, the caw of seagulls, the thrill of amusement rides, the taste of salt water taffy, the chatter of children on the boardwalk – summer in the Wildwoods (New Jersey) captures the Jersey Shore experience that has been treasured by millions of Americans. Chapter Points: The Jersey Shore; Resort Beginnings; The Coming of Age of a Resort; The 1920s, Blending the Old with the New; A Summer Resort During Depression and War; Post War Prosperity and Resort Growth; The Turbulent ’60s; Decline and Renaissance. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.