GoingOut[Book: David Nasaw – 1993 – 16x23cm – 314 Pages – Very few B&W images]. Chronicling the rise of public amusements at the turn of the twentieth century and the new American public that assembled in the city’s pleasure palaces, (amusement) parks, theatres, nickelodeons, world’s fair midways, and dance halls. Selected Chapter Points: Introduction. Dollar Theatres, Concert Saloons and Dime Museums. The Vaudeville Theatre. The ‘Indecent’ Others. The World’s Fair Midways. “The Summer Show” (Amusement Parks). Early Twentieth Century Dance Halls, Ballrooms and Cabarets. “The Pernicious ‘Moving Picture’ Abomination.” Palaces for the People. Decline and Fall. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.