MouseTales[Book: David Koenig – 1994 – 14x21cm – 240 Pages]. A behind the-ears-look at Disneyland. The most famous amusement park in the world – but is it really the Happiest Place on Earth? What’s it like to work at the Magic Kingdom. Climb inside the skin of your favourite cartoon character, are all these clean-cut, ever-smiling “cast members” really as innocent as they seem? Find out what’s behind the Keep Out signs and security cameras. Explore the underground complexes beneath Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Visit the Matterhorn’s secret attic, and the park’s private, members-only club. And what happens when reality invades Fantasyland. Witness the breakdowns and blackouts, riots, fires and fatal accidents. And the lawsuits that follow. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.