RememberingRoyDisney[Book: David A. Bossert – 2013 – 22x15cm – 214 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “Remembering Roy E. Disney – Memories and Photos of a Storied Life” This funny, enlightening, and inspiring collection of stories paint a unique picture of Roy E. Disney. Dubbed by a former Disney artist “the richest man in the trailer park,” Roy was a constant source of surprise. His regular-guy, down-to-earth nature was not necessarily expected considering his brand name and position within the company’s history. Filled with personal memories from the author and others who knew Roy well, it reveals a fuller picture of a special man. Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Foreword (Roy Patrick Disney); Introduction; Wealth, Value, and Quality; Philanthropy and Generosity; The Prom Queen Syndrome; Sailing; Air Roy; The Company; Destino and the Academy Awards; True Life Separation; New Beginnings. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.