[Magazine Vol.17/No.4: Fall 2017. 22x28cm – 24 Pages – Many colour photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors – what’s new and what’s rumoured in the dark attractions industry +2018 National Haunter’s Convention dates, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’s Haunted Mine Drop is open, Europa-Park’s Voletarium flying theatre is open, and Ghostbusters 5D comes to Heide Park in Germany. Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure (2 pages: Martin Palicki interviews Shanghai Disney Resort’s Creative Executive and Imagineer Luc Mayrand, about his career and the new attraction). The 2017 Midwest Haunter’s Convention (a 6-page feature from the seminar rooms, the Masquerade Ball and from the show floor). A Darkride Story – Part 1 (6 pages: Bell’s Phantasmagoria Hush-Puppy-style cars and mystery Pretzel cars to operate again in a forthcoming darkride). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Dark Attractions (1 page: a brief description of each). DAFE members’ discounts. [Front cover: A party prop at the 2017 Midwest Haunter’s Convention. Back page: Patent from the past “Amusement Apparatus” (Alfred Pitzer’s Haunted Swing variation) applied for 1908 / granted 1909]. [visit DAFE]