[Magazine Vol.17/No.3: Summer 2017. 22x28cm – 24 Pages – Many colour photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors – what’s new and what’s rumoured in the dark attractions industry +Tim O’Brien joins the DAFE team, and Na’vi River Journey to set sail at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Gatlinburg Fire Reflections (a 3-page report: the November 2016 wildfire in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – from a dark attractions and theme park enthusiast’s perspective). The Ghostly Stream – ‘Marketing Monday’ the Haunted Attractions Network’s podcast. Ads from the past (‘Gravity Double-Decker Dark Rides’ from the Pretzel Amusement Ride Company, 1970). Halfway to Halloween (a 4-page feature: Makeup classes, character development, props making and haunting classes at Castle Blood). TransWorld’s Halloween and Attractions Show 2017 (an 8-page report from a first-time visitors’ perspective, including a visit to City Museum in St. Louis). City Museum – St. Louis (a 2-page insight +review). DAFE members’ discounts. [Front cover: A live actor demonstrating Hallucinations Creations’ products at the 2017 Halloween and Attractions Show. Back page: Patent from the past “Amusement Walk” (Gaston Lacomme’s alternating floorboards funhouse stunt) applied for 1907 / granted 1908]. [visit DAFE]