DAFE066[Magazine Vol.17/No.2: Spring 2017. 22x28cm – 24 Pages – Many colour photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors – what’s new and what’s rumoured in the dark attractions industry +VRstudios’ Virtual Reality experience for Knott’s Berry Farm, Pandora – The World of Avatar for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy to open at Efteling this summer, Identity Games’ ‘Escape Room the Game’ review, etc. Ads from the past (“It’s Fun to get Lost in… National Amusement Device’s Mirror Maze” from 1948). The Ghostly Stream – the Room Escape Divas’ podcast. Escape Rooms – how they began and their prevalence today. Escaping the Diletto Winery (review). Murfreesboro Escape Rooms (review). Exit Strategy Escape Room – Charlotte, North Carolina (review). Café de la Morte (1 page about the Café of Death dark attraction quoted from the ‘History of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition 1898’). Guests of the Castle (3 pages: a tour of Castle Blood). Find ten differences (picture puzzle). Hunting Ghosts (a 4-page report on the Ghosts N’at St. Valentine’s Day ghost hunt at the Hotel Conneaut +a visit to the Devil’s Den darkride). The Ghost of Elizabeth (2 pages: newspaper cuttings documenting the 1943 Hotel Conneaut fire, and also the back story and inconsistencies concerning the ‘Elizabeth the Bride’ legend). DAFE members’ discounts. [Front cover: Palace Games’ Houdini’s Great Escape at the 2016 Halloween and Attractions Show. Back page: Patent from the past ‘Revolving Doors Maze / Escape Rooms Attraction’ (George Ramsay Williams Lawson’s 1924 patent). ‘Find ten differences’ puzzle answers. [visit DAFE]