DarkTimes62[Magazine Vol.16/No.2: Spring 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Many colour photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors – what’s new and what’s rumoured in the dark attractions industry +Drew Hunter designs the new “Dark Times” and “DAFE” logos, Universal Orlando Resort’s “Skull Island: Reign of Kong” press release, and “Holiday of the Dead” film review. Thirteen Advancements – Chris Handa details the modern advancement and technological leaps that have directly impacted dark attractions. A Visit To Pennhurst Asylum – One of America’s Scariest Haunted Attractions. “A (Bogey) Man for all Seasons” – Ricky Dick of Castle Blood and Krazy Kim Yates of Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill discuss the planning and execution of their off-season shows. Kennywood – Remodelers of the Last Ark (Part 1: a feature detailing Kennywood’s Noah’s Ark from 1936 > modern upgrades > changes for the 80th year). The Laughing Man – Rick Davis identifies the man who provided the laughter/78RPM record that ballyhooed Kennywood’s dark attractions during the 1940s. DAFE discounts. [Front cover: Laili and Gravely MacCabre having a Merry Cryptmas at Castle Blood. Back cover: Patent from the past “Pleasure Device” (William Richard Inshaw’s Shaking Stairway funhouse stunt) applied for 1901 / granted 1902]. [visit DAFE]