StepRightUpDanMannix[Book: Dan Mannix – 1950/51 – 14x21cm – 270 Pages]. The story of the various – and often amazing – acts that feature in travelling American carnivals, as witnessed first hand by the author. Performers in carnival sideshows are doing feats that most people regard as incredible. The author worked under canvas for almost three years and either performed or saw performed all the stunts discussed and detailed in this book. A factual description of such sideshow feats has never been set down in print like this before. So, Step Right Up! (Key phrases: Krinko’s Great Combined Carnival Side Shows, Flamo the Great, Magicians and Mediums, Palmistry. Side show performers: “The Impossible” Mountmorency, Captain Billy’s Bed of Pain, Cowboy Bronko, The Fat Lady “Jolly Daisy”, Raphael “The Human Electric Light Bulb”, Mohammed Ali “Sword Swallower”, Gertrude “Lion Tamer”, and The Human Ostrich). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.