BoF006[Magazine Vol.2/No.2: Spring 2002. 22x28cm – 12 Pages – 15 B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: 2001 survey results (lists- top 10 darkrides, top funhouse, top darkrides for each class, favourite attraction types, DAFE event questions). DAFE logo winner announced. Conneaut Lake Park’s Devil’s Den is one hell of a wild ride (report). Pepper’s Ghost (“Dirck’s Ghost”, A Ghost Story, Pepper’s Ghost examples, How did they do that?). A letter to the editor. News and rumors (+Indiana Beach’s Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, Paramount’s Kings Island’s Tomb Raider, Wildwood Pier’s Castle Dracula fire, etc.). New Orleans’ annual “House of Shock” build a darkride. Trans-World Halloween, Costume and Party Show (report). Knoebels’ Haunted House +trivia. [Front cover: Dick Knoebel. Back cover: Patent from the past “Pepper’s Ghost” (morphing illusion) 1897]. [visit DAFE]