BoF005[Magazine Vol.2/No.1: Winter 2002. 22x28cm – 12 Pages – Many B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: 2002 DAFE events announced (IX Indoor Amusement Park in Ohio, etc.). Return your DAFE survey. Upcoming articles (images request). Remembering Freedomland in New York 1960-1964 (featuring- “Earthquake” darkride, “Casa-Loca Magnetic House” slanted house, “Mine Caverns” mine train, “Crystal Maze” house of mirrors, “Buccaneers” darkride and “Tornado Adventure” darkride). IAAPA reports. News and rumors. Membership statistics. Logo contest (logos printed / vote now). [Front cover: Kennywood’s Tornado (Freedomland’s former Tornado Adventure). Back cover: Patent from the past “Flying Saucer” (illusion attraction) 1959]. [visit DAFE]