BoF039[Magazine Vol.10/No.3: Summer 2010. 22x28cm – 24 Pages – Many B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors (5 pages of worldwide news). Morey’s Piers’ Ghost Ship (unveiling event / report). National Haunter’s Convention (report from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania). Shady Brook Farms (Yardley, Pennsylvania). Waldameer Park’s Whacky Shack turns 40 years old. DAFE picnic at the Davis “Museum” (members visit Sue and Rick Davis’ home). Dark Mystery (“Funhouse” unknown location, and Barrel O’ Fun vol.10 / No.1 “Bug House” mystery solved!). Interview with Rich Hill (designer for Sally Corporation). DAFE discounts and offers. [Front cover: Morey’s Piers’ Ghost Ship – the Ignis Fatuus. Back cover: Patent from the past “Amusement Ride Car” (Disneyland’s Alice in Wonderland ride vehicle) applied for 1959 / granted 1960]. [visit DAFE]