BoF003[Magazine Vol.1/No.3: Summer 2001. 22x28cm – 9 Pages – 8 B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: First DAFE event is a success! Kennywood DAFE event (report). End of summer picnic invitation. The haunted houses of Fujikyu Highland Park (detailing- “Zora” the dark / shooting coaster, “Haunted House” dark / audio experience, and “Isolation Hospital” live-actor / horror walk-through). The good ole days at Arnolds Park’s Funhouse. Merchandise. DAFE logo contest. For your library (Doug Higley’s “Scary Dark Rides” and Tim O’Brien’s “The Amusement Park Guide”). The Oklahoma City Project update +the Edmonton Project. News and rumors (+Paramount’s Kings Island’s Tomb Raider, and Paramount’s Kings Island Scooby Doo darkride speculation). Classified ads. [Back cover: Patent from the past “Illusion Apparatus” (‘Old Mill’ variation) applied for 1905 / granted 1906]. [visit DAFE]