BoF024[Magazine Vol.6/No.4: Fall 2006. 22x28cm – 28 Pages – Many B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors. DAFE’s beginnings (a 3-page overview). Disneyland and Universal Studios (a member’s report). Wildwood New Jersey (10 pages / DAFE’s visit to Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Playland’s Castaway Cove, Storybook Land and Morey’s Piers +the past / present darkrides- The Golden Nugget, Dr Blood’s House of Horrors, Castle Dracula, Dante’s Dungeon, Den of Lost Thieves, Zombie World, The Pirates of Wildwood, etc.). Farewell to Ohio’s Erieview Park (a 5-page history +DAFE’s last day event and the “Fright Zone” darkride). Spotlight on the “Wonderland” pavilion from defunct Capitol Beach Park in Nebraska). Interview with Don Woodward (Erieview’s general manager). [Front cover: Fright Zone’s torture scene. Back cover: Patent from the past “Vortex Tunnel” (stationary variant) applied for 1937 / granted 1940]. [visit DAFE]