BoF022[Magazine Vol.6/No.2: Spring 2006. 22x28cm – 28 Pages – Colour cover – Many B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors. Survey results (top 10 darkrides, walk-throughs, etc.). 1966 Funni-Frite advert (“The THING that made Farmer Fannie laugh was… The Contented Cows”). The Alpine Sleighs (a comprehensive 16-page feature detailing AstroWorld’s Alpine Sleigh Ride, +interviews with ride personnel and a full page blueprint). Star Trek – The Experience (a 2-page report about Las Vegas’ interactive attraction). Out of the Dark (a brief look at Bertrand Island’s “The Haunted House”). Interview with DAFE Director – Rick Davis. [Front cover: Alpine Sleigh Ride concept art. Back cover: Patent from the past “Amusement Vehicle Apparatus” (Alpine Sleigh car) applied for 1959 / granted 1961]. [visit DAFE]