BoF002[Magazine Vol.1/No.2: Spring 2001. 22x28cm – 8 Pages – 8 B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: Oklahoma City Project becoming a reality +Eagle Park’s Pretzel cars purchased. Membership update. Down South? (Tom Gore’s travels). The “Ticket” (“E” Ticket magazine information). The Whacky Shack of Joyland in Kansas. Readers’ memories +an amusing skeleton story and Cedar Point’s “Flight to Mars”. DAFE logo contest. News and rumors (includes- Rye Playland’s Old Mill, Sally Corporation’s Ghost Blasters ride, New Funni-Frite’s portable Showboat funhouse, Six Flags World of Adventure promises a new darkride, Disney’s SuperStar Limo, and Knoebels’ Haunted Mansion walk-through invitation). Classified ads. [Back cover: Patent from the past “Illusion Apparatus” (suspended ‘pleasure railways’ gondola) 1902]. [visit DAFE]