BoF015[Magazine Vol.4/No.3: Summer 2004. 22x28cm – 32 Pages – Many B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors. Garfield’s Nightmare. Kennywood’s dark side (a 21-page feature: +Ye Old Mill, Pavilion of Fun, House of Trouble, Laughing Gallery, House of Mystery, Daffy Dilla, Old Mill Rapids Gorge, Hilarity Hall, Tilt House, Tumble Inn, Fairyland Floats, Bug House, Tour of the World, Mysterious Knockout, Tut’s Tomb, Laff-in-the-Dark, Fun on the Farm, Noah’s Ark, The Old Haunted Castle at 13 Spook Street, Daffy Klub, Enchanted Forest, Zoomerang, Safari, Tornado, Ghost Ship, Le Cachot, Hardheaded Harold’s Horrendously Humorous Haunted Hideaway, Gold Rusher and Exterminator). Interview with Tom Spackman Jr. (Indiana Beach). [Front cover: Jon, Garfield and Frankenweenie(?) Back cover: Patent from the past “Fun on the Farm” (funhouse) 1926]. [visit DAFE]