BoF010[Magazine Vol.3/No.2: Spring 2003. 22x28cm – 16 Pages – Many B&W photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors +Six Flags Over Georgia’s Monster Plantation to be transformed into Scooby-Doo(?), etc. DAFE 2003 survey results (favourite attractions, top ten darkrides, top ten walk-throughs, +feedback, suggestions and comments). Islands of Adventure’s Halloween Horror Nights and Walt Disney World and the 999 Happy Haunts Ball report. Trans-World Halloween, Costume and Party Show (a 3-page feature). Adrian Fisher – maze maker (interview). Bell’s Phantasmagoria (a 5-page feature). [Front cover: An alien prop at the Trans-World Halloween, Costume and Party Show. Back cover: Patent from the past “Mirror Maze” (mirror maze improvement) 1895]. [visit DAFE]