BoF001[Magazine Vol.1/No.1: Winter 2001. 22x28cm – 8 Pages – 6 B&W photos and illustrations]. At the beginning of the 20th century the amusement industry was still in its infancy. Today, over 100 years after the creation of the funhouse, the 21st century brings with it the Darkride And Funhouse Enthusiasts, an organisation dedicated to a segment of that industry which remains largely overlooked. Chapter Points: Welcome! Over 100 members strong! Pennsylvania’s funhouses and walk-throughs (detailing- Waldameer Park’s Pirate’s Cove and Whacky Shack, Kennywood’s Noah’s Ark, Williams Grove’s Allotria, Bushkill’s Barl of Fun, etc.). Wanted! Funni-Frite auction. Classified ads. Amusement Industry Expo. Owen Trailer Inc – a brief history. Paramount’s Kings Island transforms Phantom Theater. News and rumors. [Back cover: Patent from the past “Funhouse Barrel” applied for 1907 / granted 1908]. [visit DAFE]