BoulderAmusementPark[Book: Cyndy Hennig Hanks – 2003 – 22x28cm – 114 Pages – Many B&W photos]. For more than 20 years, the community of Indian Falls, New York, wondered where the vanished carrousel went that whirled at Boulder Amusement Park. In the 1980s, several unique, magnificently carved carousel figures were put up for auction. They created a stir. Collectors asked, what ride had the figures come from? When were they carved? This is the true story of a one-of-a-kind carrousel designed by Emilie Morrot Bourgard – and of her brother, Theophilus John Morrot, who brought it to Boulder Park. Chapter Points: A Boy at Sea; Glass Works; Epiphany; Reims; Emilie’s Carrousel; Departures; Indian Falls; Boulder Amusement Park; Quietus; Epilogue. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.