WalibiWorld[Book: 2004/05 – 16x23cm – 36 Pages – Full colour]. A promotional brochure written in Dutch, English and German documenting the areas, rides, and attractions of Walibi World (Biddinghuizen, Netherlands). Chapter Points: Welcome; Hollywood Main Street-Xpress; Boulevard de Paris-La Grande Roue; Canadian Yukon-Crazy River; Wild Wild West-The Flying Dutchman Goldmine; Walibi Land-Kiddie Rides; El Rio Grande-Splash Battle; Italia-La Via Volta; Mexico-El Condor & Goliath; Speed Zone-Space Shot. Sherwood Forest-Robin Hood. Show-The Return to King Solomon’s Mines. Includes a large park map. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


WaltDisneyImagineeringMakingTheMagicReal[Book: The Imagineers – 1996 – 25x33cm – 192 Pages – Full colour]. How can you make dreams come true? Or transform a fantasy into a colourful, exciting world that visitors can move through, touch and enjoy? Such fabulous work is the daily business of Walt Disney’s Imagineers, a core group of creative and highly skilled professional wizards who combine imagination with engineering to create the reality of dreams that is Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland – the world’s most popular vacation kingdoms. From Space Mountain to Blizzard Beach, from Main Street, USA, to EPCOT’s Innoventions, this publication tells the complete story of the making of the magic, from the inside out. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


WaltDisneyImagineeringMakingMoreMagicReal[Book: The Imagineers – 2010 – 26x34cm – 196 Pages – Full colour]. Here, the Imagineers serve up another dose of magic with an even closer look at who they are, what they do, and how they do it, illuminating their theories and explaining the tools they use and where and how they use them. Contained within are rough drawings, conceptual models and behind the scenes stories showcasing Disney’s newest attractions and innovations from the inside out. There’s also an exclusive peek into the Research and Development Lab to see what new magic will soon be appearing. The Imagineers tell their own stories – how they got there, what they do on a daily basis, and what they show their friends in the parks. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.


[Book: Walt Disney Company – 1991 – 22x29cm – 174 Pages – colour photos throughout]. “This book is dedicated to Walt Disney. He had the courage and vision to follow his dream. Without Walt’s inspiration and drive, Walt Disney World (Lake Buena Vista, Florida) would never have been conceived, much less built. Although he was just one man, he touched the lives of countless millions. He refreshed our spirits by appealing to the child in all of us. Each time he turned one of his dreams into reality, he showed us that our own dreams can come true.” Chapter Points: Introduction. THE MAGIC KINGDOM: Main Street U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Tomorrowland. EPCOT CENTER – FUTURE WORLD: Spaceship Earth, CommuniCore, Universe of Energy, Wonders of Life, Horizons, World of Motion, Journey into Imagination, The Land, The Living Seas. EPCOT CENTER – WORLD SHOWCASE: The American Adventure, Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, France, The United Kingdom, Canada, IllumiNations. DISNEY-MGM STUDIOS THEME PARK: Hollywood Boulevard, The Great Movie Ride, Backlot Annex and Lakeside Circle, Backstage Studio Tour, The Magic of Disney Animation. THE VACATION KINGDOM: Waterways of the World, Disney’s Grand Floridian Beach Resort, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, The Disney Inn, Discovery Island, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, River Country, Disney’s Village Resort, Disney Village Marketplace, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Typhoon Lagoon, Pleasure Island. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


WaltDisneyWorldResortYearByYearJourney[Book: Walt Disney Productions – 1998 – 22x28cm – 224 Pages – Many colour photos]. Hop aboard as we take a nostalgic year-by-year trip into the past, as far back as 1971. The delightful text is accompanied by colour photographs of rides and attractions, some of which are long gone. The magical qualities unique to Disney are brought to life within these pages. A must-see and must-read publication for the Disney enthusiast. Chapter Points: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park: The Oasis, Safari Village, The Tree of Life, Africa, Dinoland USA. EPCOT: Future World, Test Track. Disney/MGM Studios: Attractions, Fantasmic!, Copperfield Magic Underground, The Rest of The World: Disneyquest, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney Cruise Lines (1998). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


WaltDisneyWorldResortSouvenir[Book: Walt Disney Productions – 2000 – 22x23cm – 102 Pages – colour photos throughout]. Come take a magical journey through the fabulous Walt Disney World Resort (Lake Buena Vista, Florida), the most visited resort destination in the world. Encompassing 47 square miles, the world-class Vacation Kingdom offers four diverse theme parks, three water adventure parks, 24 resort hotels, a flourishing entertainment-shopping, dining-spot, an exciting sports complex, and 99 holes of golf on six courses, and so much more. It’s a place where memories that last a lifetime are made. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


WaltDisneyImagineeringLegends[Book: Jeff Kurtti – 2008 – 24x28cm – 150 Pages – Full colour]. Although Disneyland was the inspiration of one man, Walt did not achieve this history-altering concept on his own. This book introduces a core group of the originators of Disneyland and the other Disney parks. It explores their individual relationships with Walt and each other, their creative breakthroughs, failures, rivalries and politics. Chapter Points: Foreword (by Martin A. Sklar); What is Imagineering?; The First Imagineer – Walt Disney; The Prototype Imagineers; The Executive Suite; The Place Makers; The Story Department; Masters of Mixed Media; The Model Shop; The Machine Shop; The Music Makers; The Unofficial Imagineers; The Renaissance Imagineer; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.


WalterKnottPioneer[Book: Norman Nygaard – 1965 – 14x21cm – 118 Pages]. The story of the man behind Knott’s Berry Farm (Buena Park, California), the internationally known tourist attraction. This is the true story of an imaginative genius who parlayed a small berry stand on a country road into a fascinating complex of restaurants, western shops and an authentic ghost town manned today by more than 900 employees. Chapter Points: Little Texas; Grandma’s Tall Stories; Laying Foundations; Becoming a Family Man; Farming the Desert; Walter Tries Ranching; Specializing in Berries; The Restaurant That Ran Away; Family Affairs; Ghost Town; Calico; Let Freedom Ring. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


WarnerBrosMovieWorldAustralia[Book: Warner Bros. – 2006 – 21x30cm – 24 Pages – Full colour]. Warner Bros. Movie World – Hollywood on the Gold Coast, Australia – brings the magic of the screen alive for a day of family entertainment. The park’s design was conceived during a visit to the studios by the late C.V. Wood. “Woody” was one of the world’s great creators of theme parks. Within 16 months, a bare, swampy patch of land was transformed into Warner Bros. Movie World, which opened its gates to the public in 1991. Chapter Points: Introduction; Batman Adventure – The Ride; Police Academy Stunt Show; Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster; Setting the Scene (theming); Superman Escape (roller coaster); Lethal Weapon (roller coaster); Star Parade street party; Wild West Falls (flume); Looney Tunes Village +Road Runner Rollercoaster; Park map. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


TheWaveMaker[Book: Tim O’Brien – 2005 – 16x23cm – 352 Pages – Few B&W photos]. The story of an innovative, restive and determined man who created two major genres of theme parks. Combine George Millay’s visionary skills and intelligence with his unique personality and unflappable belief in himself, and you have an extraordinary story. This is the story of theme park pioneer George Millay and the creation of SeaWorld sea-life parks, Magic Mountain theme park, and Wet’n Wild waterparks, in detail, as it has never been told before. Each year tens of millions of people enjoy activities in parks created or inspired by Mr. George Millay; the unchallenged father of the Waterpark industry. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.


WenonaBeach[Book: James R. Watson – 1988 – 21x27cm – 80 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Wenona Beach (Bay City, Michigan) closed in 1964, however many memories live on in the form of books such as this. See and read about the side-friction roller coaster (1912) and the Old Mill/Lover’s Tunnel. See the many stalls, the Jack Rabbit roller coaster (1914) and the miniature railway and its engines. With children’s rides such as the Carousel and Big Wheel to the more daring rides such as the Roloplane and the Flying Scooters! See Wenona Beach captured in time for you to enjoy at your leisure. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


WesternNewYorkParksIoA[Book: Rose Ann Hirsch – 2011 – 17x24cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. For more than 100 years, Western New Yorkers have enjoyed the region’s exciting amusement parks. During the days of trolleys and steamships, area businessmen created Celoron Park, Crystal Beach Park, and other fine local summer resorts. Decades later, lifelong memories were formed for neighbourhood baby boomers who visited Glen Park, Fantasy Island and Darien Lake. In the new millennium, the summer tradition of visiting local amusement parks continues with a blend of family-orientated parks and theme parks that appeal to all ages. Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; Chautauqua and the Southern Tier; Western New York’s Coney Island; The Lost Neighbourhood Parks; A Park is Reborn (Olcott Amusement Park); Fantasy on the Island; Fun in the Country. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


WhatTheyDontTellYouAboutRollerCoasters[Book: Suzanne Butler – 2007 – 14x22cm – 150 Pages]. A true story with other disclosures, revealing the extent of suffering a roller coaster ride is capable of inflicting. Many roller coasters have sustained G-forces that our delicate brains were not meant to withstand. Chapter Points: Roller Coaster Problems; G-Forces and Inertial Injuries; The Roller Coaster Loophole; Safety Standards; Injury Recording and Reporting; Partial List of US Roller Coasters Exceeding 4G; Soaring Injury Rates in Our Parks; The List (of injuries sustained from which roller coasters); References; Did You Know? ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


WhatWouldWaltDo[Book: D.M. Miller – 2001 – 15x23cm – 112 Pages]. Before Walt Disney died in December 1966, he assembled a dedicated team to create a new theme park in Orlando, Florida. Walt’s brother, Roy would eventually name the attraction Walt Disney World so that no one would ever forget whose dream it was. People who had worked for Walt since the 1950s designing, building, and operating Disneyland in Anaheim, California anchored the team. Team members were guided in the years after Walt’s death by asking each other, “What would Walt do?” This question was asked countless times during the design and construction of the huge theme park. It was asked about issues involving quality, creativity, safety, and the guest experience. The team knew what the right thing was, and always did it, regardless of cost. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


WhenTheLaughterDiesAway[Book: Dale Pierce – 2007 – 15x23cm – 84 Pages]. A personal recollection of lost amusement destinations. Chapter Points: Introduction; Legend City (Phoenix, Arizona); Mother Goose Land (Canton, Ohio); Fallon’s Play Land (Akron, Ohio); Jantzen Beach (Portland, Oregon); Railroads of America (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio); Santa Fair Mall (Federal Way, Washington); Chippewa Lake Park (Medina, Ohio); Meyers Lake Park (Canton, Ohio); Jesse James Territory (Sullivan, Missouri); Frontier Village (San Jose, California); The Cleveland Zoo Kiddie Land (Ohio); Euclid Beach Park (Cleveland, Ohio); Apacheland (Apache Junction, California); Fontaine Ferry Park (Louisville, Kentucky); The Seattle Zoo Train (Seattle); The Ross Allen Reptile Farm (Silver Springs, Florida); Story Land (Pompano Beach, Florida); Idora Park (Youngstown, Ohio); Pioneer City (Davie, Florida); Six Gun Territory (Florida); Rocky Point Park (Warwick, Rhode Island); Summit Beach Park (Akron, Ohio). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


WhatHappensAtAnAmusementPark[Book: Amy Hutchings – 2009 – 18x18cm – 26 Pages – Full colour]. Join Buddy, every first-grader’s favourite pal, as he goes behind the scenes at interesting real-life places where people do interesting real-life work. This edition takes readers inside an amusement park to meet the many workers who help a dad and his daughter enjoy a day of fun. This English/Spanish bilingual book enables children to work on their second-language skills as they develop skills in their primary language. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for younger children.


TheWhip[Book: 1920 Reprint – 16x21cm – 36 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Picturing and reporting on the many “Whip” rides and devices manufactured by the W.F. Mangels Co. Chapter Points: W.F. Mangels Co; It’s A Scream!; “Stationary Whip;” “The Whip” In France; “Portable Whip;” Gasoline Power Plant for the “Portable Whip.” (Includes rare photos of “Whip” rides and variants). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


WhiteKnuckleRideMarkWyatt[Book: Mark Wyatt – 1996 – 27x29cm – 112 Pages – Many colour photos]. The illustrated guide to the world’s biggest and best roller coaster and thrill rides. Gain admission to the amusement parks of the world, and hold on tight to experience the greatest thrills of all! Presented here are the finest of today’s scream machines, presented in over 180 spectacular photographs. Chapter Points: A Ride Through the Years; The Coaster Files: USA West; USA Midwest; USA South; USA East; Mexico; Canada; Europe and Japan. White Knuckle, Wet Knuckle; The Park’s Listing. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.


WhitleyBayIoA[Book: Eric Hollerton – 1999 – 16x23cm – 128 Pages – Many B&W photos]. A fascinating collection of over 200 photographs – with text – capturing Whitley Bay over the years. This ‘Dream Village by the Sea’ was grafted onto the farming and failed colliery hamlet of Whitley, developing from the 1860s on. This book is for those who carry golden memories from even the shortest of visits. Chapter Points: Introduction; Up to the Village; Transport; The Links; Entertainers and Sports; Spanish City (Amusement Park: Water Chute, Rainbow Pleasure Wheel, Virginia Reel, The Great Aerial Flight, Social Whirl, Figure 8 Railway, The House That Jack Built). Schools; The Promenade; Local Groups. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


WhoInventedTheFerrisWheel[Book: Sara L. Latta – 2012 – 19x23cm – 26 Pages – Full colour]. Lots of people have ridden on Ferris wheels, but do you know who invented the first one? Learn about George Ferris’ life and the first Ferris wheel ever built. Make your own miniature Ferris wheel, too! Chapter Points: Words To Know; George Ferris – Inventor; Growing Up; School Time; A Big Contest; Ferris’ Big Idea; Building The Wheel; The First Ride; View From The Top; Activity – Make Your Own Ferris Wheel; Learn More – Books And Web Sites; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for children.


WildRideConeyIslandFamily[Book: Charles Denson – 2007 – 16x22cm – 138 Pages – Many B&W photos]. A behind-the-scenes look at the rise of the Bonsignore family’s amusement empire and the changing fortunes of Coney Island, “America’s Playground.” Chapter Points: Introduction; Life on West Eighth Street; Joseph Bonsignore; The L.A. Thompson; Joe Buys the Bobsled; John and Louise; Fire and Resurrection; Demise of the Thompson; Running the Bobsled; The King of Stillwell Avenue; After the Fall; Afterword; Best-Known Coney Coasters [43 coasters listed with dates and locations]; Map of 1940s Coasters; Bartlett’s Bobsled Patent; West Eighth Street Businesses; Selected Bibliography; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.


WildwoodByTheSea[Book: David W. Francis, Diane Demali Francis & Robert J. Scully Sr – 1998 – 22x28cm – 258 Pages – Many B&W few colour photos]. The scent of sunscreen, the spray of the ocean, the caw of seagulls, the thrill of amusement rides, the taste of salt water taffy, the chatter of children on the boardwalk – summer in the Wildwoods (New Jersey) captures the Jersey Shore experience that has been treasured by millions of Americans. Chapter Points: The Jersey Shore; Resort Beginnings; The Coming of Age of a Resort; The 1920s, Blending the Old with the New; A Summer Resort During Depression and War; Post War Prosperity and Resort Growth; The Turbulent ’60s; Decline and Renaissance. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.


WildwoodMoments[Book: Ian Mark Smith & Dean Davis – 2008 – 23x28cm – 100 Pages – Full colour]. The Wildwood, New Jersey boardwalk is among the most beloved boardwalks along the New Jersey Barrier Island. It will always have a place in the hearts of its visitors; as a beach, it provides the timeless experience of a vacation at the shore, and as a boardwalk and town, it caters to every childlike fascination. Chapter Points: Introduction; Unpacking a Little History; Catching an Early Show; Bright, Warm and Busy; The Second Wind; The Sideshow – Night time in Wildwood; The Collections. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


WillowGroveParkIoA[Book: Old York Road Historical Society – 2005 – 16x23cm – 128 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Willow Grove Park (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) opened on Decoration Day 1896 and drew crowds by the thousands. It was estimated that over one million people visited the park during its first season of operation. One of the primary goals of the Park’s management was to provide and maintain a civilised and enlightened cultural atmosphere. Over the years, management spent significant sums of money building new rides and replacing those that had gone out of favour. Most of the rides were located along the midway, and the Thunderbolt roller coaster was built to satisfy. Chapter Points: On the Way to Willow Grove; Beginnings 1895-1904; Heyday 1905-1925; Interlude and Reprise 1926-1953; Renaissance and Decline 1954-1975; Epilogue 1976-2005. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TheWinterGardensBlackpool[Book: Winter Gardens Blackpool, Ted & Ann Lightbown – 2013 – 21x30cm – 28 Pages – Many B&W photos]. A souvenir brochure: “The Winter Gardens Company was registered on 7th August 1875… by the end of 1876, many of the foundations and basements of the main buildings had been put in and there were outdoor and indoor skating rinks… 1896 saw the erection of a 220ft Gigantic Wheel… The circular switchback railway Les Montagnes Russes was installed in 1902…” Includes the Opera House Roll of Honour (1889-2013), and the Blackpool dance festival. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


WinterGardensBlackpoolToulmin[Book: Vanessa Toulmin – 2009 – 25x26cm – 138 Pages – Full colour]. “Winter Gardens Blackpool – The Most Magnificent Palace of Amusement in the World.” Chapter Points: Foreword – Read On and Be Amazed (by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Councillor Peter Callow); Winter Gardens – Blackpool’s Palace of Amusement; Entrances and Exteriors – Welcome One and Welcome All; Floral Hall – An Elegant Victorian Promenade; Pavilion Theatre – An Early Jewel of Victorian Architecture; Empress Ballroom – Dancing’s Golden Pleasure Dome; Opera House – A Masterpiece of Theatre Design; Spanish Hall Suite – A Magical Flight of Fancy; Olympia – A Well-Loved Blackpool Landmark. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


WinterGardensBlackpool2014Toulmin[Book: Vanessa Toulmin – 2014 – 25x26cm – 146 Pages – Full colour]. “Winter Gardens Blackpool – The Most Magnificent Palace of Amusement in the World.” Chapter Points: Foreword – In Memory of Steve Weaver (by Roy Fisher); Winter Gardens – Blackpool’s Palace of Amusement; Entrances and Exteriors – Welcome One and Welcome All; Floral Hall – An Elegant Victorian Promenade; Pavilion Theatre – An Early Jewel of Victorian Architecture; Empress Ballroom – Dancing’s Golden Pleasure Dome; Opera House – A Masterpiece of Theatre Design; Spanish Hall Suite – A Magical Flight of Fancy; Olympia – A Well-Loved Blackpool Landmark; Restoration – A Palace for the Public [+Winter Gardens Trust]. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TheWizardOfCentreHall[Book: Ralph Gray – 2016 – 22x28cm – 52 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. The Garbrick brothers Vernon, Lewis, and Lester, grew up on a farm in Centre Hall (Pennsylvania), at the foot of the Nittany Mountain, each having been blessed with mechanical genius. This book focuses on Vernon Hoy Garbrick, an innovator and builder of amusement rides; but includes the productivity of his brothers, as well. Vernon patented 18 inventions – the most famous of which was the folding Ferris wheel. His legacy lives on in the carnival business to this day. Chapter Points: Introduction; Vernon Hoy Garbrick; Allan Herschell Horse; First Snowmobile in Centre County; Moonshine; The Little Red Car; Vernon Goes Into Business; Mr. Garbrick Builds His Dream House; Vernon Garbrick’s Safe; Vernon’s First Amusement Rides; The Merry-Go-Round; Garbrick Engineering; Vernon and the Animals; The Spindle Ride; The Merry Mixer and Octopus; A Garbrick Acrobat; The Paratrooper Ride; Garbrick Folding Ferris Wheel (Nittany Rides, Inc. Folding Ferris Wheel); Lester Garbrick; Vernon Garbrick Rejects an Offer; Garbrick Roofing Invention; Ferris Wheel Destroyed; Jack Garbrick; Four-Generation Garbrick Family Tree; Epilogue; About the Author – William Ralph Gray; Bibliography and Acknowledgements; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TheWorldsColumbianExposition[Book: Norman Bolotin & Christine Laing – 2002 – 22x28cm – 168 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Held from April to October 1893, this monumental event welcomed 28 million visitors, covered 600 acres of land, boasted dozens of architectural wonders, and was home to some 65,000 exhibits from all over the world. From far and wide, people came to experience the splendours of the fair, to witness the magic sparkle of electric lights and to ride the world’s first Ferris wheel, known as the Eiffel Tower of Chicago. Chapter Points: Planning and Building the World’s Columbian Exposition; A Grand Tour of the White City; The Exhibits and Attractions; A Week at the Fair; Epilogue; Acknowledgements; Bibliography; Index; Photo credits. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


RollerCoastersTorque[Book: Denny Von Finn – 2010 – 17x24cm – 26 Pages – Full colour]. Are you ready to take it to the extreme? Then read at your own risk! Chapter Points: What Are Roller Coasters? (Kingda Ka, Steel Dragon 2000; Ring°Racer; Thunderhead; Son of Beast); Roller Coaster Technology; The Future of Roller Coasters; Glossary; To Learn More (websites); Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair for children.


TheWorldsWildestRollerCoasters[Book: Michael Burgan – 2001 – 15x22cm – 48 Pages – Many colour photos]. A piece of juvenile literature sure to appeal to the up and coming roller coaster enthusiast. Chapter Points: Wild Roller Coasters; The Beast (Kings Island); The Pepsi Max Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach); Volcano, The Blast Coaster (Kings Dominion); Superman: The Escape (Six Flags Magic Mountain); The Future of Roller Coasters. Also Features: Centrifugal Force; G Forces; Fast Facts; Words to Know; Useful Addresses and Internet Sites. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.