ScreamMachinesHermaSilverstein[Book: Herma Silverstein – 1986 – 16x24cm – 90 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Snap! The switch is thrown. You dig your fingernails deep into the leather harness as it locks against your chest – too late to back out now. Wham! You are catapulted out of the station on the start of a high-speed ride on one of today’s space-age roller coasters. Chapter Points: In the Beginning There Were Ice Slides; Coasters Cross the Atlantic; Turn of the Century Thrill-Hills; Roaring Twenties, Roaring Roller Coasters; Theme Parks and the Coaster Revival; Space Age Scream Machines; Coaster Encounters Across America; List of America’s Best Roller Coasters. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


BradyLakePark[Book: Fred F. Endres – 2014 – 22x28cm – 104 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “Brady Lake Park (Ravenna, Ohio) opened in 1891 as a rustic resort in Northeast Ohio, catering to those who wanted to camp, fish, have a picnic and watch a ball game. Over the next half century, it became more of a traditional amusement park. By the time it closed, it had been operated by Spiritualists – who offered swimming, rides and séances – and by Cleveland racketeers, who turned it into a lucrative gambling emporium loaded with slot machines and high-stakes bingo games. In between, it was run by wheeler-dealers, who brought in top notch entertainment, from Gertrude Ederle to Guy Lombardo, Rudy Vallee and Cab Calloway. This is the fascinating story of the old park that, at one time, welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.” Chapter Points: Introduction / Acknowledgements; A Resort for the Better Classes (1890-1891); Pack A Picnic, Take A Dip, Attend A Séance (1892-1899); The Spirits No Longer Float About (1900-1902); The Electric Park (1902-1904); D.G. Hartman And The East Liverpool Bunch (1905-1917); Lock, Stock and Carousel (1918-1923); A Wonderful Spot For Profit (1924-1926); May I Have This Dance? (1927); The Golden Age (1928); The Crash (1929-1937); Step Right Up, Ladies and Gentlemen (1938-1941); ‘Cleveland Interests’ (1942-1944); A Notorious Cheat Spot (1945-1949); Old, Unpopular, Unprofitable (1950-1961); Afterword: Cotton Candy, Carousels, Concessions; About the Author; A Brady Lake Park Photo Album; Credits; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


Seattle1962WorldsFair[Book: Bill Cotter – 2015 – 17x24cm – 98 Pages – Many colour photos]. “In the late 1950s, Seattle’s civic and business leaders were worried about the city losing its dominant position as a trading partner with the lucrative Pacific Rim nations. Interested in showing off all that the city and state had to offer in the hope of gaining new business, their unlikely solution was a world’s fair, the first to be held in the United States since 1940. Other cities across the nation also competed for the honor, but Seattle surprised them all with a thoughtful and well-financed plan that would forever increase the world’s awareness of the “Emerald City.” More than nine million visitors came to enjoy the soaring Space Needle, the futuristic monorail, and the dozens of colorful pavilions at the fair.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; Seattle Welcomes the World; The World of Science; The World of Century 21; The World of Commerce and Industry; The World of Art and Entertainment; The Boulevards of the World and Food Circus; Show Street and the Gayway. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


SeattlesLunaParkIoA[Book: Aaron J. Naff – 2011 – 17x24cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Luna Park (Seattle, Washington) emerged on the north end of Alki Beach during the golden age of American amusement parks. The park introduced the city to a host of novel attractions: Pleasure-seekers rode shimmering horses, thundered down the roller coaster, and marvelled at daredevils and sideshows. There were games to be played and prizes to be won. Though open only briefly, Luna Park remains a vibrant piece of Seattle’s history. Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; Seattle’s Coney Island; The Nation’s Greatest Playground on the Pacific Coast; Pioneer of the Coney Island Style [Charles I.D. Looff]; The Wild Scotsman [Llewellyn Guy Mecklem]; The Longest Bar on the Bay; The Cost of Big Amusement; Last of Luna Park; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TheSecretsOfAmusementParkGamesRevealed[Book: Brian Richardson – 2002 – Second edition – 11x17cm – 92 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Tired of seeing some other guy win the big stuffed animal? Fed up with winning little trinkets while Joe Blow needs a wheelbarrow to lug home his prizes? This book will make YOU the master of the midway! Chapter Points: Introduction; The Milk Can / Softball Toss [Milk Churn Ball Toss]; The Peach Basket Softball Toss [Lobster Pots]; The BB Gun Star Shootout; The Ring Toss; The Golf Ball Roll Race Game [Kentucky Derby]; Water Gun Race Game; The Curly Bar Ring Guide [Electric Coil / Ring Guide]; The Basketball Shoot; The Age/Weight Guess; The Ball Throw (including: The Clown Dunk, Football Toss, Three Bottle Knock-Off, Three Cats Knock-Down); The Golf Putting Game; Sign Ball Bounce Off [Rebound]; Games I Personally Avoid! (Test of Strength – Game); Richardson’s “Official” Top Ten Steel and Wooden Roller Coasters in America!; Ten Tips For Making Your Park Stay Most Enjoyable. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


SerendipityJoeLarter[Book: Joe Larter – 2013 – 17x26cm – 244 Pages – Many B&W, few colour photos]. Joe Larter created Pleasurewood Hills American Theme Park (Lowestoft, England) and Woody Bear. Selected Chapter Points: 1939-1944 – Early Memories and Martham in Wartime. The Family History. 1944-1955 – New Horizons, Growing Up and School. School’s Out – My World turns Upside-Down with a Steep Learning Curve. 1972-1978 – A Sale, a Buyback, Some Lovely Travel and a Marriage! Tales of Gunton, The Old School Henstead, and Charities. Pleasurewood Hills, Woody Bear, the Dutch Visitors, We Go Public, and a Great Wedding. Sealife, Bure Valley Railway, Pleasurewood Hills Sold, a Disaster and a Great Wedding. Seaforths, Dutch Again, Bygone Village, Recovery, Some Fun, and Woody sees off Mr Blobby. India, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, a Death and a Great Wedding Again. Family Cavalry to the Rescue in the USA. Epilogue (+family tree). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


SesamePlace[Book: Guy Hutchinson and Chris Mercaldo – 2015 – 16x23cm – 98 Pages – Many colour photos]. “Since opening in 1980, Sesame Place (Langhorne, Pennsylvania) has been the Northeast’s premiere destination for fun, learning, and entertainment for children and adults alike. This wonderful playland has seen immense change and growth from opening day, ever adapting like Sesame Street itself to engage the newest generation of kids. Here, the original Muppets from Sesame Street created by Jim Henson, such as Big Bird, Grover, and Cookie Monster, as well as the newer residents, such as Elmo, Zoe, Murray, and Abby Cadabby, come right out of the television and into attractions, shows, parades, meet-and-greets, and more. In its 35th year of operation, Sesame Place has helped guests create countless memories. Explore and see its development from concept to reality, its early days of interactive science exhibits and discovery, its growth and addition of watery fun, and its more recent additions of great theme park rides and attractions.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Foreword (by Bob Caruso: Sesame Place president 2015); Introduction; 1978–1980 From Concept to Reality; 1980–1984 Humble Beginnings; 1985–1992 Water Expansion; 1993–2005 New Lands, New Experiences; 2006 and Beyond – A Sunny Future. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


ShootinTheChutes[Book: Stephen H. Paschen – 1988 – 21x28cm – 70 Pages – Many B&W photos]. A nostalgic and educational look back at those long lost amusement parks: Beerside Park, Brady Lake, Chippewa Lake Park, Euclid Beach Par, Geauga Lake, Gorge Park, High Bridge Glens, Idora Park, Lakeside, Lakeview, Luna Park, Meyers Lake Park, Orchard Lake Park, Randolph Park, Sandy Beach, Sea Lion Park, Silver Lake, Springfield Lake, Summit Beach, Tuscora Park, and White City (Cleveland). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


SilverLakePark[Book: Mary L. McClure – 2014 – 16x23cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. From modest beginnings as a local swimming and fishing spot, Silver Lake Park, established by Ralph H. Lodge in the 1870s, quickly grew to become one of northeast Ohio’s most popular amusement parks. Thanks to many exciting offerings, which included two roller coasters, a miniature railway, a merry-go-round, a dance pavilion, water toboggans, steamboat rides, live animal exhibits, and many other unique features, the park attracted visitors from across Ohio and surrounding states. Always anxious to add new and thrilling attractions to the park, the Lodge family also introduced features described as the first public aquarium in the state of Ohio and the first aviation field in Summit County. In later years, the park added a popular Chautauqua, bringing the leading musical acts, entertainers, and orators of the day to the community. Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; A Boyhood Dream Realized; The Park’s Early Years; The Dance Pavilion; Boating, Toboggans, and Swimming; Ride the Rails; The Menagerie; Happy Campers; Randolph Park; Leisurely Pursuits and Thrilling Attractions; Reminders of the Past. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


SilverSandsAndGoldenMemories[Book: Daryl T. Schlender – 2008 – 15x23cm – 192 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Those who experienced the Silver Beach (St Joseph, Michigan), will recall memories that take them back to a simpler, more innocent time. Selected Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Foreword; Drake and Wallace Partnership / Biographies; Early History; Territorial Development; Expansion; First Attractions; Park Progress; Continued Activities; The Exciting Decade; Unknown Episode; Park Mishaps; A Terpsichorean Plan and Other Changes; Realization of a Dream; Additions and Important Changes; The 1940s and 1950s; “Chief” and Bobbie; Persons and Personalities; Closing Park Activities; Last One Standing; Death of a Legend; From City to County; Silver Beach Today; Conclusion. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


SinceTheWorldBegan[Book: Jeff Kurtti – 1996 – 24x28cm – 196 Pages – Full colour]. “Since The World Began: Walt Disney World – The First 25 Years.” The first and only concise, authorized history of “The Vacation Kingdom of the World.” This lavish, entertaining, and absolutely unique history of Walt Disney’s city of dreams, tells the story of America’s most popular tourist attraction, beginning with the success of Disneyland and Walt Disney’s personal vision of a futuristic planned city in central Florida. Includes original concept drawings and rarely seen photographs of the park’s construction, and details the opening of the Magic Kingdom in 1971, to the creation of EPCOT and Disney MGM Studios. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


SixFlagsGreatAdventureIoA[Book: Harry Applegate and Thomas Benton – 2009 – 17x23cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “Built in 1974, Great Adventure (Jackson Township, New Jersey), was the larger-than-life dream of a larger-than-life personality, Warner LeRoy. The consummate showman, LeRoy had visions of a fantasy world of rides, shows, and animals in a beautiful and unspoiled woodland setting. In 1977, Great Adventure became a member of the Six Flags family of theme parks and has continued to grow, with bigger and better attractions. Visit attractions past and present, including: the Garden of Marvels, Big Balloon, Freefall, Ultra Twister, Kingda Ka, and Bizarro.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; A Dream Comes True; The Greatest Day of Your Life; It’s a Whole New Adventure; It’s Playtime! ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


SixFlagsGreatAdventure[Book: Harry Applegate and Thomas Benton – 2016 – 17x23cm – 98 Pages – Many colour photos]. “Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson Township, New Jersey), has been the premier destination for family fun in the Northeast for over 40 years. Created by Hollywood scion Warner LeRoy, the park’s mission from the very start was to be the biggest and best theme park with record-breaking thrills, spectacular shows, and unique experiences that could only be found at Great Adventure. As a part of the Six Flags family of theme parks, Great Adventure combines the world’s largest safari park outside of Africa, a world-class theme park, and one of the biggest and best water parks in the United States to create an experience like no other.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; Come Together; A Heck of a Show; A Short Ride from Great Rides; So Much to Do, So Close to Home; Three Worlds of Adventure. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TheSixFlagsChecklist[Book: 2007 – 13x18cm – 258 Pages – Few B&W photos]. This book will help you note which rides you rode, and to rate your favourites. Every ride in every official branded Six Flags theme park is included in this handy reference and guidebook so you can plan your adventure for maximum thrills. Chapter Points: Introduction; CALIFORNIA = Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. GEORGIA = Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags White Water, Six Flags American Adventures. ILLINOIS = Six Flags Great America / Hurricane Harbor. KENTUCKY = Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom / Splashwater Kingdom. MARYLAND = Six Flags America / Hurricane Harbor. MASSACHUSETTS = Six Flags New England. MISSOURI = Six Flags St. Louis / Hurricane Harbor. NEW JERSEY = Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. TEXAS = Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags Fiesta Texas. MEXICO = Mexico City. Index of Roller Coasters; Index of Rides. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


SixFlagsOverGeorgiaIoA[Book: Tim Hollis – 2006 – 16x23cm – 128 Pages – Many B&W photos]. When Six Flags Over Georgia (Austell, Georgia) opened in June 1967, it became the first theme park in the Southeast. Although the park is best known today for its high-speed coasters, here we recapture its earlier years when it was devoted to the various periods of Georgia’s history. This book also explores how the park’s focus changed and expanded over the decades and takes a look at some of its classic advertising and souvenirs. Chapter Points: Introduction; Six Flags Over Yesterday; Marching through Georgia (and Britain); The Confederate Section; Tales of the Okefenokee; The Spanish Section; The French Section; Jean Ribaut’s Adventure; The USA Section; Beyond the Six Flags; An Unflagging Publicity Campaign. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


[Book: Chadwick Miller – 2017 – 15x23cm – 124 Pages]. “Growing up in metro Atlanta and unable to go to Disney World in Florida, Six Flags Over Georgia (Austell, Georgia) was the only amusement park most of us were able to experience. Now that our beloved childhood friend is turning 50, it’s time to take a look back at some of the attractions you may have forgotten about or never knew and hopefully get a look back into your childhood as well.” Chapter Points: Preface; 50 Six Flags Over Georgia Facts; Six Flags Over Georgia Timeline (1961… 1967–2017); Six Flags Over Georgia Dictionary (A-Z of past and present rides and attractions with a commentary, facts, dates operational, etc.). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


SixFlagsOverTexas1[Book: Clint Skinner – 2011 – 15x23cm – 220 Pages]. Selected Chapter Points: 1914 Angus G. Wynne; 1955 The Emergence of the Ultimate Industrial Park; Six Flags Over Texas; Opening Day; The First Special Event; Success. The Park of 1961; Mexican Marketplace; Indian Village; Frontier Settlement; Confederacy Section; Skull Island; France Section; Modern America Section; Animal Kingdom. The Formative Years 1962-1963; New Attractions. A Change in the Guard 1964; Years of Expansion 1965-1969; The Star Mall; Live Entertainment; The First Major Accident; The Spindletop Rotor Ride; The First Major Crime; Investment. End of an Era 1969-1970; Expansion; Changes; Crisis. The Pennsylvania Era 1971-1980; The Bally Era 1981-1986. The Turbulent Era 1987-1996; Time Warner and Six Flags. 1997-2011: Rising Prices; Gotham City; New Shows; Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


SixFlagsOverTexasSecondEdition[Book: Clint Skinner – 2013 – Second edition – 15x23cm – 298 Pages – 43 B&W images]. Six Flags Over Texas was America’s first regional theme park. Chapter Points: Beginnings= The Founder [Angus G. Wynne]; Transition; Building the Park; The Aftermath. The Park of 1961= The Front; Mexico; Spain; Texas; The Confederacy; Skull Island; France; Modern America; Animal Kingdom. The Formative Years 1962–1963= The Morning After; Calm Before the Storm. A Change in the Guard 1964= The Park; The Trap. Years of Expansion 1965–1968= The New Regime; Business as Usual; Growth; The Surprise. End of an Era 1969–1970= Seeds of Doom; Collapse. The Pennsylvania Era 1971–1980= Recovery; A Steady Course; The Final Years. The Bally Era 1981–1986= The Invasion; Adaption. The Turbulent Era 1987–1996= Wesray Capital; Warner Takes Control; The Partnership. The Modern Era 1997–2011= The War; The Descent; The Revolt; A Second Chance. Appendices= (Notes. Index of Attractions. The Six Flags March. The Fiesta Train Theme Song. 1961 Railroad Spiel. 1974 Railroad Spiel. 1977 Casa Magnetica Spiel. La Salle’s Riverboat Adventure Spiel. Postcards from the Past). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


SixFlagsOverTexas[Book: Davis G. McCown – 2016 – 15x24cm – 298 Pages – Many B&W images]. “In the 1950s and early ‘60s, four amusement parks opened, each attempting to succeed in the style of Disneyland as a new modern theme park. Three of the four failed. The fourth, opened by a Texas land developer, not only was successful, but became the initial park in what is now one of the largest amusement park chains in the world. This is the story of Six Flags Over Texas. Opening in 1961 in Arlington, Texas, Six Flags Over Texas was themed on the flags of the six sovereign nations which flew over the area that is now Texas. Initially, a small park with fourteen rides, it grew and evolved with each season. Now it is a major park with over forty rides, many designed specifically for younger guests, as well as several theatres and show venues. This book traces the history of the park, from its conception and construction, through its Fiftieth Anniversary.” Chapter Points: Foreword; Before Six Flags – 1957-1961; The Original Park – 1961; Six Flags Railroad; Wynne Development Years Continue – 1962-1970; The Penn Central Bankruptcy – 1970; Seven Seas – 1972-1976; Penn Central Management – 1971-1981; Six Flags Employees; Bally Manufacturing Corp. – 1982-1987; Wesray Capital – 1988-1991; The Warner Years Begin – 1991 & 1992; Time Warner II – 1993-1995; Warner Brothers & Boston Ventures – 1996 & 1997; Premier Parks – 1998-2004; Premier Parks II – 2005-2008; Premier Parks III – 2009-2012; The Future; Online Resources; Six Flags’ Major Attractions (Table); Six Flags’ System of Parks (Table); Parks owned by Premier Parks (Table); About the Author; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


SmileOlympicPark[Book: Alan A. Siegel – 1983 – 21x28cm – 176 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Time has forever stilled the hurdy-gurdy lilt of the fabulous Merry-Go-Round. The screams of the roller coaster’s riders, the sparkling patter of the Penny Pitch operator, the rumbling of the Dodgem cars and the clanking of the Whip are no more. The roller rink, the beer garden, the funny mirrors and buttered popcorn are gone forever. Enjoyed by tens of millions during her 79-year reign, Olympic Park (Irvington, New Jersey) has disappeared into history, legend and nostalgia. The history of Olympic Park begins over a century ago, when life was simpler and a summertime outing was a delightful Sunday tradition. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


SmokeAndMirrors[Book: Michael P. Eley – 2012 – 14x22cm – 116 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. “Smoke & Mirrors: The Haunted House of Alton Towers.” When Alton Towers (Staffordshire, England) invested millions in their ground-breaking Haunted House, a new era of dark rides was born. The spectacular attraction amazed and spellbound dark ride fans with breath-taking illusions and state-of-the-art technology. The original concept was retired in 2002, leaving a lasting impression on those who braved the Poltergeist Room and were scared witless by the Grand Hallway’s grinning demon. Presented here is a behind-the-scenes insight into John Wardley’s legendary ‘Laff In The Dark,’ as well as a history of dark rides and haunted houses. Chapter Points: Foreword (by John Wardley); Acknowledgements; Introduction; Dark Rides – A Brief History; Planning A New Era Of Dark Rides; Construction; Haunting The Ride; Ghostly Goings On; Opening Day; It Lives!; Duel. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


SouthportMagicalMemories[Book: Trinity Mirror Media – 2013 – 21x30cm – 84 Pages – Many B&W, few colour photos]. Remember the days when summer meant a day at the seaside? For generations of children from Liverpool and the industrial towns of Lancashire, Southport was a magical kingdom. Crowds flocked to the beach and pier, the Floral Hall, Sea Bathing Lake, Lakeside Miniature Railway, Marine Lake, parks and gardens and the zoo. Pleasureland, though, ruled supreme, the undisputed King of the Castle. The squeals of excited girls on the Cyclone roller coaster, the laughter of riders on the Traumatizer as their worlds were turned upside down. The excitement of the rides, the penny arcades and sidestalls, all consumed by a mouth-watering aroma of candy-floss and sugar-laced doughnuts. This land was the ultimate escape. Chapter Points: Introduction; The Jewel In The Crown; Waterworld; Life’s A Beach; All The Fun Of The Fair; Entertainment; A Splashing Time; All Creatures Great And Small; Festivals; Pontins; The Paris Of The North; Sport; Coast To Coast. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


EdgewoodParkSouvenir[Book: Garth Hall – 2009 – 22x28cm – 66 Pages – Many B&W photos]. The History of Edgewood Amusement Park (Shamokin, Pennsylvania). “Edgewood Park, formerly Indian Park until 1906, located in the west end of Coal Township, was developed on 97 acres by Monroe “Farmer” Kulp and opened in the early 1900s. In its heyday this unique pleasure resort offered something for everyone. There was a picturesque lake for boating, a scenic atmosphere for picnicking and a wondrous variety of amusements to delight adults and children alike… At one time, Edgewood was the largest amusement park in Eastern Pennsylvania. The Park offered a variety of amusement park rides including the famous School of Mines, which was a side-friction roller coaster with “educational features pertaining to mining.” There was also the Scenic Railway Roller Coaster, Temple of Mirth, Fun House, Touring the Alps, Coal Steam Engine Train Ride, Bazaar, Café, Cresco Club, Skating Rink, Penny Arcade, Theatre, Restaurant, Ferris Wheel, Rebecca Springs, Promenade, and a Trolley. In July of 1926, a two million gallon swimming pool opened… and music-lovers wouldn’t dream of missing the free Sunday afternoon band concerts in the Pavilion at the park…” ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TheSpanishCity[Book: Keith Armstrong – 2010 – 20x21cm – 40 Pages – Full colour]. The vivid story of Whitley Bay’s (England) heart and soul, the iconic landmark: the Spanish City. Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Introduction; Spanish City Message; History (1909-); Dance Hall Days; A Special Place; Whitley Bay and the Spanish City in the Early 1960s; Sex and the Spanish City; Foreigner’s Views; Grand Old Lady: A Monologue. Features poetry about the Spanish City experience and rides. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


SpectacleInTheWhiteCity[Book: Stanley Appelbaum – 2009 – 24x32cm – 160 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “Spectacle in the White City: The Chicago 1893 World’s Fair.” Chapter Points: Preface and Introduction (by Peter Bacon Hales) – Photography, Architecture, Civilization and the Spectacle of the White City; From Conception to Opening Day; The Architectural Program; The Court of Honor and its Buildings; The Buildings on the Lagoon; North Pond, South Pond, Midway Plaisance [including the world’s first Ferris wheel]; From Opening to Closing Day, and Beyond; Bibliography; Sources; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.


SpringlakeAmusementParkIoA[Book: Douglas Loudenback – 2008 – 16x23cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. With beginnings in 1922 through to the park’s closing in 1981, Springlake (Oklahoma City) came to be Oklahoma’s premier place for fun for everyone around the state during its almost six-decade longevity. For all its goodness Springlake was flawed, remaining segregated longer than many other businesses during the tumultuous civil rights era. Forced to integrate by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Springlake adapted poorly – instead of opening its huge pool to all swimmers and sunbathers, the pool became an aquarium. Racial tensions culminated Easter 1971 with a small but important racially based riot from which the park never fully recovered. Chapter Points: Foreword; Introduction; Overlooking the Park; The Early Years; The Middle Years; The Heyday Years; A Failed Solution; The Last Years. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


StLouisWorldsFair[Book: Joe Sonderman and Mike Truax – 2008 – 16x23cm – 130 Pages]. “For seven months in 1904, St. Louis (Missouri) was the greatest city on earth. Millions flocked to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition to behold the inventions of the early 20th century. Many saw electric lights, automobiles, aircraft, and moving pictures for the first time. At a time when few traveled more than a couple of miles from home, visitors encountered the people and cultures of faraway lands. It was an educational experience, a “university of mankind.” The Pike offered amusement rides, wild animal displays, and fanciful trips through the Hereafter and Creation exhibits. Fairgoers visited the Alps, the North Pole, Russia, and Paris and witnessed famous battles. Everyone wanted to ride the great Observation Wheel. There were hootchy-kootchy dancers and wonderful new foods, such as the ice-cream cone. But it was all temporary, a dream city made to last only a few months. With the exception of today’s St. Louis Art Museum, the grand palaces are gone. St. Louis: The 1904 World’s Fair tells the story of the greatest Victorian-era world’s fair since the lights of the fair faded over a century ago, while also examining the fair’s legacies and legends.” Chapter Points: Introduction; From Wilderness to Wonderland; The Palaces and Festival Hall; State and Foreign Buildings; The Pike; Other Exhibits and Concessions; Views of the Fair; People on Display; Fact and Fiction; Farewell to All Thy Splendor. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


SteelPierLiebowitz[Book: Steve Liebowitz – 2009 – 25x29cm – 266 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. “There was nothing else like it. For much of the 20th century, Steel Pier (Atlantic City, New Jersey) was the center of American entertainment on the East Coast. There were big bands, movies, sideshows, acrobats, flagpole sitters, Frank Sinatra, Miss America – and throngs of people lining up to get a seat so they could watch brave horses and riders dive into a pool of water. It was aptly called the ‘Showplace of the Nation’ and it was all that and more. It was Steel Pier. This all-in-one entertainment mecca, novel in its day, has never been matched, not even at latter-day theme parks. Memories of the excitement and wonder of Steel Pier remain untarnished. Where else could you take the entire family for a day and see fortune-telling parakeets, the World of Tomorrow, John Philip Sousa and his band, a bear on a bicycle, World Famous Diving Horses, take a ride below the sea in the Diving Bell, spend the evening in the marine ballroom, and take in a movie – all for one ticket? It was a colossal offering of escape, popular culture, fun and fantasy…” Chapter Points: Beginning of the “World’s Playground”; Amusement Piers – The New Attraction; Steel Pier’s Early Years; The Minstrel Shows; Frank Gravatt – Entrepreneur and Innovator; George A. Hamid – Top Showman; Entertainers Hit the Stage; Orchestras and the Big Bands; World Famous Diving Horses; Wacky Stunts and Exhibits; There She is – Miss America…; Kids – In the Audience and On Stage; Movies and Hollywood Attractions; Easter Sunday on the Pier; Inside a Landmark Resort; The End of an Era and an Icon; Epilogue; Acknowledgments; Bibliography; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


SteelPier[Book: Steve Liebowitz – 2016 – 16x23cm – 130 Pages]. “Atlantic City (New Jersey) has worn the tag of ‘America’s Playground’ since its earliest days, so it is only natural that its biggest and most well-known icon, the Steel Pier, would be known as the ‘Showplace of the Nation.’ Over the course of 80 years, from 1898 to 1978, Steel Pier developed from a quiet, genteel amusement that featured light classical music and cakewalks to a vast entertainment complex that offered movies, big-name vaudeville acts, exhibits, big bands, rock bands, and the Water Circus with its famed diving horse. What makes this even more compelling is that one could spend the entire day on the pier and take all this in for one small admission.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; A Star Is Born; The Competition; And a Novice Shall Lead Them; Let Us Entertain You; Swing and Sway; You Will Believe a Horse Can Dive; Hamid and Son; Animals, Exhibits, and Kids; Rock and Soul; The Pier Itself. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


StepRightUpDanMannix[Book: Dan Mannix – 1950/51 – 14x21cm – 270 Pages]. The story of the various – and often amazing – acts that feature in travelling American carnivals, as witnessed first hand by the author. Performers in carnival sideshows are doing feats that most people regard as incredible. The author worked under canvas for almost three years and either performed or saw performed all the stunts discussed and detailed in this book. A factual description of such sideshow feats has never been set down in print like this before. So, Step Right Up! (Key phrases: Krinko’s Great Combined Carnival Side Shows, Flamo the Great, Magicians and Mediums, Palmistry. Side show performers: “The Impossible” Mountmorency, Captain Billy’s Bed of Pain, Cowboy Bronko, The Fat Lady “Jolly Daisy”, Raphael “The Human Electric Light Bulb”, Mohammed Ali “Sword Swallower”, Gertrude “Lion Tamer”, and The Human Ostrich). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


StepRightUpFolks[Book: Al Griffin – 1974 – 16x23cm – 258 Pages – Few B&W photos]. An affectionate look at a neglected and disappearing form of entertainment – the amusement parks. Remember New York’s Coney Island? Or Chicago’s Riverview? How about your first ride on the Merry-Go-Round? Of course you do. You never forget those things. But the great parks are going – many have already gone – and a way of American life is disappearing. They’re not going without a struggle, naturally. Parks are still around, but seldom in the old style. Chapter Points: The Beginnings; Beginning of the End; Merry-Go-Rounds; Roller Coasters; Ferris Wheels; Flat Rides; The Games; The Refreshments; The Entertainments; Traditional Amusement Parks (state by state); Kiddielands; Theme Parks; Recently Defunct Amusement Parks; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


StoriesFromAThemeParkInsider[Book: Robert Niles – 2011 – 14x22cm – 142 Pages]. “What time is the 3:00 parade?” “Why does a child need to be 40 inches tall to ride a roller coaster?” “What happens when the President of France gets lost inside your theme park ride?” A former employee, or “Cast Member” at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom answers these and other questions while sharing humorous stories, garnered from working at the Florida theme park for five summers. Venture backstage for a look at how theme parks really work and read – across 42 eye-opening chapters – about the amusing embarrassments that can happen when your work is someone else’s vacation. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TheStoryOfAustralianRollerCoasters[Book: Edwin Dickinson – 2012 – 21x30cm – 184 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. “The Story of Australian Roller Coasters: 127 Years of Madness, Sadness & Scintillating Thrills!” Chapter Points: Introduction; Let the good times roll!; Catherine’s great pleasure; European adventures; La Marcus Adna Thompson – was he really the first?; John A. Miller – the legend; Timeless masterpieces; Australia’s first – ‘has not killed anyone yet’; Harrison’s Switchback; Across the ditch; Shoot-the-chutes; Our Figure Eights – try and figure them out!; William’s Wonderland City; The Scenic Railway, the J.D. Williams Way; Mr T.H. Eslick – a man who gets the job done; Sydney turns white; John’s gift to Australia – the Big Dippers; Edmund Anscombe – the cool-headed architect; The Glenelg Big Dipper; Sydney’s Big Dipper and a review of the Phoenix coaster; A tribute to the Royal Far West organisation; Ted Hopkins – a giver, not a taker; Morgan’s Cyclone; The Devil’s Coach; Lets’ get wild; Coasters of steel; The Orphan Rocker; Sydney’s steel Big Dipper; A new and broken promise; Werner Stengel…; Today’s ‘big boys’ fight it out…; In Conclusion; Glossary; A Timeline; References. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.


TheStoryOfPacificOceanPark[Book: Pacific Ocean Park, Inc. – 1958 – 15x22cm – 24 Pages – Colour drawings throughout]. Join King Neptune, ruler of the Seven Seas, for a royal tour of his oceanic wonderland of beauty, fascination and fun (Santa Monica, California). Table of Contents: Neptune’s Kingdom; Enchanted Forest; Sea Circus; Ocean Skyway; Ocean Highway; Flight to Mars; Magic Carpet; Sea Serpent; Pictorial Map; Port’s O’Call; South Sea Island; Fisherman’s Cove; International Promenade; Lawrence Welk (and his orchestra); Jack’s at the Beach. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


TheStoryOfSilverDollarCity[Book: Crystal Payton – 1999 – 18x19cm – 138 Pages – Many colour, few B&W photos]. Silver Dollar City (Branson, Missouri) is set in a densely wooded, 2,000-acre Ozark forest; the facsimile frontier village grew up around the entrance to one of nature’s great wonders, Marvel Cave. The story of how it came to be and the remarkable people, who created and developed it into an attraction hosting almost two million visitors a year, is itself a tale worth telling. Chapter Points: Marmaros and the Ozark Frontier; From Devil’s Den to the Cathedral Room; Twentieth Century Pioneers; A Major Theme Park; Citizens of the City; Features and Festivals; You’ve Got a Great Past Ahead of You. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TheStoryOfStorybookLand[Book: Tina Skinner – 2008 – 22x28cm – 98 Pages – Full colour]. Storybook Land (near Atlantic City, New Jersey) is a wonderful treasure you’ll want to share. It lives on as one of America’s few remaining family-owned amusement parks. Designed for children 10 and under, it’s equally delightful for their chaperones. The lovingly cared for park is furnished with antiques and lavished with flowers, its rides and attractions related to favorite childhood stories and rhymes. Meet the creator of this park, share their memories, and relive your own. Chapter Points: The Early Days; A Roadside Stand; Art, Craftsmanship, and Character; Rhyme and Storybook Time; Fairy Tales and Literary Fantasy; Thrills and Excitement; A Veritable Zoo; Holidays Year Round; Continuing A Tradition. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


SummerDreamsBob-LoIsland[Book: Patrick Livingston – 2008 – 20x25cm – 194 Pages – Many B&W photos]. For most Windsor and Amherstburg, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, area residents, the name “Boblo” reminds one of perfect summer days in the park on the enchanted isle at the mouth of the Detroit River. For several generations over the past century, Boblo epitomized a place of fun, recreation, and magic for friends and family. Chapter Points: Prologue; Boblo in the River of Time; Amusing Times for the Twentieth Century, 1892-1902; Dance Fever 1902-1912; Good Times and Hard Times, 1913-1939; Under New Management, 1938-1949; Boblo, A Browning Line, 1949-1979; Thrills and Spills in the Amusement Business, 1979-1993; The Thrill is Gone, 1993-2006; Afterword; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


SummitBeachPark[Book: David W. & Diane Demali Francis – 1993 – 21x28cm – 178 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Summit Beach Park (Akron, Ohio) was a familiar gathering spot for generations of Summit County residents. It began with a splash just after World War I. Over the years, the park struggled through economic hard times, wars, good and bad management, cataclysmic fires and accidents, passing fads, and community celebrations. Chapter Points: Introduction; Evolution of the Amusement Park; Summit Lake; Akron Gets a Summit Resort; Lakeside Grows and Matures; Akron Welcomes Summit Beach Park; The Soaring Twenties; Summit Beach Weathers the Depression; Summit Beach Goes to War; Farewell to Summit Beach. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


SurpriseYourself[Book: – 2012 – 20x20cm – 82 Pages – Full colour]. Surprise yourself at the theme parks and touristic attractions of Brazil. Great amusement parks and tourist attractions – enchanted worlds that stimulate fantasy offering new and unforgettable experiences. And inside, there are shows, circuses, roller coasters, frightening castles, water slides, etc. Chapter Points: Introduction. Theme Parks= Beach Park; Beto Carrero World; Hopi Hari; Hot Park; Magic City; Ma-noa Park; Mirabilândia; Xuxa’s World; Playcenter; Wet’n Wild. Tourist Attractions= Alpen Park; Sugar Loaf Cable Car; Corcovado Train; Itaipu Touristic Complex; National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha; National Park of Iguaçu; Unipraias; Vale Verde. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TalesFromTheTowers[Book: Nick Sim – 2013 – 14x22cm – 350 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Take an in-depth look at the story behind Alton Towers. How did the imposing mansion come to be? Who was behind the stunning gardens? And how was anyone permitted to build a theme park on the site? Also learn about: How a 1960s fairground laid the foundations for today’s theme park. Abandoned plans for “sister parks” at nearby Trentham Gardens and London’s Battersea Power Station. Tussauds’ plans for a rival park at Woburn Abbey before buying Alton Towers. How John Wardley created Nemesis, Oblivion and Air. Clashes with local residents that have limited the park’s ambitions. Details of accidents and mishaps, and about rides that never were. Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Foreword; From country estate to tourist magnet; All the fun of the fair; The stately home that’s anything but stately; The house of war takes over; The Secret Weapons; Merlin’s magic wand; Waking up the neighbours; The business of theme parks; When things go wrong; Creating the magic; What might have been; The future. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TalesOfAustralianTravellingPeople1[Book: Crystal Burke-Horton – 2012 – 15x21cm – 112 Pages – Few B&W photos]. The men and women who have travelled the roads of Australia for hundreds of years to bring entertainment and joy to the remotest reaches of this country are truly remarkable. Featured inside is a selection of their amazing stories, compiled by Crystal Burke-Horton. Chapter Points: “Preface” (by Crystal Burke-Horton); “The New Houdini” (by Sally Miller); “The Kelroys” (by Gail Grix / nee Kelroy); “Circus Memories” (by Lorraine Ashton-Grant); “The Australian Bushman AKA Zakaree Ermakov and Madame Ghurka – Queen of the Fortune Tellers” (by Sally Miller); “Paulette – The Ostrich Lady” [or: …Ostrich Girl] (compiled by Crystal Burke-Horton); “Violins, Floods, Wagonettes and Bulls-Eyes: The Story of Madge, Winnie and Herbie” (compiled by Philip Davis); “The Original Perry Bros. Circus and Zoo” (by Brett Simpson); “The Wing-Quay Story” (by Marlene Quay). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TalesOfAustralianTravellingPeople2[Book: Crystal Burke-Horton – 2013 – 15x21cm – 96 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Stories of Australia’s showmen and circus people. In their own words, each person describes in vivid detail the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a life well travelled, compiled by Crystal Burke-Horton. Chapter Points: “Preface” (by Crystal Burke-Horton); “On The Road Again” (by Mervyn Ashton); “A Short Subjective History Of The Early Days Of The Flying Fruit Fly Circus 1979-1982” (by Pixi Robertson); “Days With Wirths” (by Billy Vaughn); “Home Was A Parcels Van” (by Edith Reville); “Growing Up As A Show Kid, And The Stories From My Childhood” (by Jackson Miller); “Big Chief Little Wolf – The Legacy Of A Great Mat-Man” (by Barry York). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


TalesOfRockyPointPark[Book: Jason Mayoh – 2008 – 17x27cm – 114 Pages – Many B&W photos and illustrations. Few colour pages]. A most impressive comic-book style publication, charting the rich history and lore of Rocky Point Park (Warwick, Rhode Island). Located on Narragansett Bay, Rocky Point Amusement Park was once known as “The Playground of New England for Over 150 Years.” In its heyday, the Park boasted attendance records of over 75,000 people. Chapter Points: Introduction; Tales Concerning the House of Horrors (Castle of Terror) 1963-2007; Escaped Monkeys; Dark Night of the Skyliner; Memories, Rumours and Tall Tales of Rocky Point Park; The Fabulous Flume Ride and Log #13; Vintage Rocky Point Postcards; Rest in Peace Rocky Point; About the Author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.


ThemeParksCerver[Book: Francisco Asensio Cerver – 1997 – 23x30cm – 192 Pages – Full colour]. A look at worldwide recreation facilities from an architectural viewpoint (including Nasu Highland Park in Japan, and Port Aventura in Spain). In an era when the virtual and the fictitious are an ever-growing presence, reality is being continually divided. It is nothing strange that the areas which produce adventures and fantasies have ended up overflowing the minds of the dreamers, and have crystallised into real cities. Thus, a network of places destined for the sole purpose of leisure and fun is beginning to be woven over these areas. So, when one finally manages to get some long-awaited holidays, the city-dweller no longer journeys through the real areas, but turns to travelling through the geography of leisure. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


ThemeParkScottLukas[Book: Scott A. Lukas – 2008 – 16x21cm – 274 Pages – Many B&W, few colour photos]. Theme parks are a uniquely interactive and enduring modern form of entertainment that have influenced architecture, technology and culture in surprising ways for more than a century. This piece takes the primitive amusements of nineteenth century pleasure gardens as its starting point, and continues with an in-depth investigation of the theme park throughout the twentieth century and beyond. World-famous and lesser-known parks are discussed, including parks located in the USA, UK, Europe, Japan, China, South Africa and Australia. Chapter Points: Theme Park as Oasis; Theme Park as Land; Theme Park as Machine; Theme Park as Show; Theme Park as Brand; Theme Park as Text; References; Select Bibliography; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.


ThemeParkDesignAlcorn[Book: Steve Alcorn – 2010 – 15x23cm – 212 Pages]. Have you ever visited a theme park and wondered, “How did they do that?” At last there’s a book that shows you. Take a peek behind the scenes with a theme park engineer. Selected Chapter Points: Don’t Panic… Yet; Be My Guest; Rides; Shows; Other Attractions; Concept; Why Story Is King; Fitting Story to Audience; A Dose of Reality; Directors and Producers; Writers; Artists; Getting Started; Design; Construction; Commissioning; Meet the Engineers; Who’s The Boss?; Types of Show Control; Monitoring, Safety and Maintenance; The Ride Control Engineer; Safety; Video; Keep It Sounding Good; Lighting and Effects; Nuts and Bolts; Details, Details; Welcome to My Theme Park; Sweating the Details; Other Markets; How Did I Get That Job?; A Parting Thought. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


ThemeParkDesign[Book: David Younger – 2016 – 22x28cm – 576 Pages]. Want to design a theme park? Over the past century, theme parks have created worlds where pirates still loot Caribbean towns, where daring adventurers explore booby-trapped temples, and where superheroes swing from New York skyscrapers – and allowed us to step into them too. This is a book about how to design those fantastic places, and the ingenuity that goes into their creation. This is a handbook for the practicing designer, a textbook for the aspiring student, and a behind the scenes guidebook for the theme park fan, building on hundreds of interviews with accomplished designers from Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative, Merlin Entertainments, and more. Theme Park Design & The Art of Themed Entertainment explores everything from the stories, themes, and characters that theme parks bring to life, to the business models, processes, and techniques that allow them to do it. From rocket ships to roller coasters, fairy tales to fireworks, and dinosaurs to dark rides, never before has a book dived so deep into the art form of themed entertainment. Selected Chapter Points: Foreword (Tony Baxter); Introduction; Using This Book; Medium; Business; Process; Theme; Story; Design; Theme Park Design; Land Design; Attraction Design; Afterword (Joe Rohde); References; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


ThemeParkHeaven[Book: Channel Four Television – 1992 – 14x21cm – 26 Pages – Few colour and B&W photos]. Examining the development of amusement parks and the rides in them, to their apotheosis in the vision of Walt Disney and his Disneyland. Chapter Points: Immersive Experiences; Coastering Through History; Signature Rides; Disney’s Dreams; Euro Disney; All Good Movies Go To Theme Park Heaven; Ghoulish Delight; Simulated Reality; Time Travel; Computers and Archaeology; Virtual Reality; Further Reading. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


ThemeParkInsiderAltonTowers2009[Book: Rory Sweeney – 2009 – 13x20cm – 42 Pages – Full colour]. The definitive, unofficial guide to help you make the most of your visit to Alton Towers (Staffordshire, England). With a little forward planning you can avoid the queues! Do you know about single rider queues? The best times to visit? The best way to get the cheapest tickets? This comprehensive guide shares useful advice to help ensure you have a fun and enjoyable experience. Chapter Points: Introduction; Dates and Times; Tickets and Offers; Travel and Parking; Monorail and Main Gates; Queuing Systems; Ride and Area Guides; Entertainment; Food; Thrill-Seeker’s Itinerary; Family Itinerary; Children’s Itinerary; Hints and Tips; Resort Guide; Local Accommodation; Alton Towers’ Future; Links. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.


TheWizardingWorldOfHarryPotter[Book: Robert Niles – 2014 – 15x23cm – 68 Pages – Few B&W photos]. An unauthorized, independent guide to the rides, shops and restaurants at Universal Orlando’s Harry Potter theme park. This booklet discloses the history of the project, including comments about the lands from their designers and from the stars of the Harry Potter films. Chapter Points: Introduction and History of Universal’s Wizarding World; The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade; The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley; Designers and Actors Talk about the Wizarding World; Tips for Visiting the Wizarding World and Universal Orlando; The Wizarding World Beyond Orlando; About the Author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


ThemeParkLandscapes[Book: Terence Young & Robert Riley – 2002 – 18x26cm – 300 Pages – Few B&W photos]. The prevalence and influence of “Theming” increased so dramatically during the 1990s that theme parks have become a metaphor for post-modern urban life. The origins, divergence and significance of theme parks are only beginning to be understood. How did they enter into mass culture? Why are they so popular? How are they connected to the social order? What functions do they serve? We examine themed landscapes in Asia, Europe, and North America, in response to these and other questions. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


ThemeParkSafetyFailures[Book: Jeffrey P. Stoneking – 2008 – 15x23cm – 102 Pages]. This book sheds a glaring beacon on issues and incidents that riders and attendees should be made fully aware of – that their lives are at an even greater risk than ever before. Since theme parks are constantly competing against one another with higher, bigger, and faster installations, safety issues are being totally disregarded with virtually no time for error. Warning: ride – and read at your own risk, as thrill rides are becoming kill rides. Chapter Points: Twist and Shout; Never!; Splat; Mousetrap; Identified Flying Objects; It Shouldn’t Do That!; What Goes Up…; Riff Raft; It Happens In 3’s; The “Marvellous” Son of Beast; Too High, Too Fast, Too Soon; A Cursed Name; A Ticket to Die. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


FallingForFun[Book: Nathan Lepora – 2008 – 21x28cm – 34 Pages – Full colour]. [1 of 4] Theme park science has never been so interesting. A fun and informative book packed with amazing photos, facts, and figures about theme park rides. Discover how theme parks use science to create thrilling, white-knuckle rides. Chapter Points: Gravity; Weight; G-Forces and Free Fall; Centre of Gravity; Energy; Kinetic Energy; Potential Energy; Energy Conservation; Glossary; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for children.


HighSpeedThrills[Book: Nathan Lepora – 2008 – 21x28cm – 34 Pages – Full colour]. [2 of 4] Theme park science has never been so interesting. A fun and informative book packed with amazing photos, facts, and figures about theme park rides. Discover how theme parks use science to create thrilling, white-knuckle rides. Chapter Points: Force; Speed and Velocity; Acceleration; Mass and Inertia; Wheels and Tracks; Friction; Air Resistance; Braking; Glossary; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for children.


MarvellousMachinery[Book: Nathan Lepora – 2008 – 21x28cm – 34 Pages – Full colour]. [3 of 4] Theme park science has never been so interesting. A fun and informative book packed with amazing photos, facts, and figures about theme park rides. Discover how theme parks use science to create thrilling, white-knuckle rides. Chapter Points: Machines; Wheels and Ramps; Pulleys and Levers; Propulsion; Materials; Strong Structures; Design; New Technology; Glossary; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for children.


TwistsAndTurns[Book: Nathan Lepora – 2008 – 21x28cm – 34 Pages – Full colour]. [4 of 4] Theme park science has never been so interesting. A fun and informative book packed with amazing photos, facts, and figures about theme park rides. Discover how theme parks use science to create thrilling, white-knuckle rides. Chapter Points: Rotational Movement; Rotational Energy; Centripetal Force; Cornering; Looping; Spinning; Swings and Pendulums; Glossary; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for children.


ThemeParksButterworth[Book: Christine Butterworth – 1999 – 17x22cm – 50 Pages – Full colour]. What is the secret of a good ride? Why do millions of people go to theme parks every year? Chapter Points: The First Theme Parks and Fairs; Fun!; Faster; TV and Film Stars; How Is a Theme Park Made?; Planning; Designing; Choosing Themes; Putting It Together; Taken for a Ride!; Kinds of Ride; Making a Ride; Meet a Top Ride Designer John Wardley; Safety Facts; Crowd Control!; Testing; Past Disasters; Working in a Theme Park; Mark Bant – Entertainer (Chessington World of Adventure); Harry Spillet – Technical Advisor (Chessington World of Adventure); Louise Rawlinson – Ride Operator (Chessington World of Adventure); The First Roller Coasters; Ups and Downs!; The Latest Coasters; Facts; European Coaster Club; The Future; A Different World; Rides In Time And Space; Bigger And Better!; Glossary. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


ThereOnceWasAPlaceCalledPOP[Book: Dave Doherty – 2008 – 22x22cm – 98 Pages – Many B&W and colour illustrations of the rides and attractions]. Pacific Ocean Park (Santa Monica, California) opened on 22 July 1958. P.O.P. was a co-venture of the “Los Angeles Turf Club”, (a.k.a. Santa Anita and the Lake Arrowhead resort) and “C.B.S.”, (Colombia Broadcasting Systems) in reaction to the overwhelming success of Disneyland which had opened just three years prior. This concept required the joining of two completely separate piers, in two different cities, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, and the rehabilitation of an existing “Amusement Zone” that dated back to the turn of the 19th century. P.O.P. eventually succumbed and closed in 1967 due to poor management and changing demographics. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


ThisMorningThrillSeekers[Book: Broadcasting Support Services, Manchester – 1997 – 15x21cm – 18 Pages]. “Thrill Seekers” was produced for transmission on Granada Television’s ‘This Morning’ programme in February 1997. After a week of being twisted, turned, soaked wet through, plunged into and out of darkness and flipped upside-down, I can honestly say I haven’t had so much fun in years. Myself and an intrepid group of five thrill-seekers (aged 8-15) visited five European amusement and theme parks. Read what we thought of the places we visited – the good and the bad. Chapter Points: Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Chessington World of Adventures; Disneyland Paris; Alton Towers; Efteling Family Park. (Details each park: Main Rides and Attractions, Thrills and Spills, Queues, Food Drink and Facilities, Opening Times and Prices, Getting There). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


ThorpeParkBookOfThePark[Book: Thorpe Park – 1981 – 15x21cm – 130 Pages – Full colour]. The first thing to understand about Thorpe Park (Chertsey, England) is that you have never been anywhere like it. Thorpe Park is unique, an adventure in leisure, a 400 acre wonderland where everyone will find something of interest and delight. Chapter Points: Invaders of Britain; World War I Airfield; Schneider Trophy; Model World: (25 models showcased, including- Pyramid of Cheops, The Sphinx, Taj Mahal, Tower of London, Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Post Office Tower, CN Tower, Nelson’s Column, Statue of Liberty, Colossus of Rhodes, Space Shuttle, Graf Zeppelin, etc.). Seacraft; Family Entertainment (Mountbatten Pavilion, Cinema 180, Special Attractions). Water Sports; Water Gardens. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


ThreeYearsInWonderland[Book: Todd James Pierce – 2016 – 15x22cm – 302 Pages]. “Three Years in Wonderland: The Disney Brothers, C.V. Wood, and the Making of the Great American Theme Park. While the success of Disneyland (Anaheim, California) is largely credited to Walt and Roy Disney, there was a third, mostly forgotten dynamo instrumental to the development of the park – fast-talking Texan C.V. Wood. This book presents the never-before-told, full story of “the happiest place on earth.” Using information from over one hundred unpublished interviews, Todd James Pierce lays down the arc of Disneyland’s development from an idea to a paragon of entertainment. In the early 1950s, the Disney brothers hired Wood and his team to develop a feasibility study for an amusement park Walt wanted to build in southern California. “Woody” quickly became a central figure. In 1954, Roy Disney hired him as Disneyland’s first official employee, its first general manager, and appointed him vice president of Disneyland, Inc. where his authority was exceeded only by Walt. A brilliant project manager, Wood was a con man of sorts. Previously, he had forged his university diploma. A smooth-talker drawn to Hollywood, the first general manager of Disneyland valued money over art. As relations soured between Wood and the Disney brothers, Wood found creative ways to increase his income, leveraging his position for personal fame. Eventually, tensions at the Disney park reached a boiling point, with Walt demanding he be fired.” Chapter Points: How The Story Ends; The Other Walt Disney; From Animation To Amusements; The Money And The Land; And Still Nothing Is Built; Conflicts And Construction; Grand Openings; Walt And Wood; Acknowledgments; Notes; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.


ThrillRidesJeffSavage[Book: Jeff Savage – 2007 – 21x27cm – 50 Pages – Full colour]. Roller coasters have been thrilling riders for more than a hundred years. How are they built? How do they work? Which is the fastest? The tallest? The longest? Discover all you need to know – from early woodies to today’s gigacoasters. Chapter Points: Introduction; Early Roller Coasters; Walt Disney – Theme Park Pioneer; Roller Coaster Design; Stan Checketts – Master Designer; Types of Roller Coasters and Construction; The Making of The Beast; Roller Coaster Science; Who Likes Roller Coasters?; Anthony “Coaster Tony” Reynolds; Conclusion; Glossary; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent for children.


ThrillRidesCarousels[Book: Valerie Bodden – 2012 – 23x23cm – 28 Pages – Full colour]. [1 of 4]. A colourful survey of carousels, including their seats and other features, descriptions of the ride experience and a brief history. Chapter Points: What Is a Carousel?; Riding a Carousel; Carousel History; Special Carousels (“Columbia Carousel” at Six Flags Great America in Illinois & “House on the Rock Carousel” in Wisconsin); One Famous Carousel (Kit Carson County Carousel); Glossary; Read More; Web Sites; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for young children.


ThrillRidesFerrisWheels[Book: Valerie Bodden – 2012 – 23x23cm – 28 Pages – Full colour]. [2 of 4]. A colourful survey of Ferris wheels, including their cars and other features, descriptions of the ride experience and a brief history. Chapter Points: What Is a Ferris Wheel?; Riding a Ferris Wheel; Ferris Wheel History; Special Ferris Wheels (“Singapore Flyer” in Singapore & “Big O” in Japan); One Famous Ferris Wheel (London Eye); Glossary; Read More; Web Sites; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for young children.


ThrillRidesRollerCoasters[Book: Valerie Bodden – 2012 – 23x23cm – 28 Pages – Full colour]. [3 of 4]. A colourful survey of roller coasters, including their tracks and other features, descriptions of the ride experience and a brief history. Chapter Points: What Is a Roller Coaster?; Riding a Roller Coaster; Roller Coaster History; Special Roller Coasters (“Kingda Ka” at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey & “Steel Dragon 2000” in Japan); One Famous Roller Coaster (Coney Island “Cyclone”); Glossary; Read More; Web Sites; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for young children.


ThrillRidesWaterRides[Book: Valerie Bodden – 2012 – 23x23cm – 28 Pages – Full colour]. [4 of 4]. A colourful survey of Water Rides, including their boats or slides and other features, descriptions of the ride experience and a brief history. Chapter Points: What Is a Water Ride?; Riding a Water Ride; Water Ride History; Special Water Rides (“Insano” in Brazil & “Pilgrims Plunge” at Holiday World in Indiana); One Famous Water Ride (Disneyland’s “Splash Mountain”); Glossary; Read More; Web Sites; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for young children.


ThrillRidesMarkShulman[Book: Mark Shulman – 2007 – 25x31cm – 50 Pages – Full colour]. Buckle your straps and keep your feet and arms inside the car! Let’s explore the wild and freaky world of rockin’ roller coasters! Chapter Points: Introduction; How Roller Coasters Work; The Science Behind the Scare; Safer Than Your Bathtub; Types of Roller Coaster; Rolling Through History; Top 10 Roller Coasters: (10)= The Cyclone 1927; (9)= The Beast 1979; (8)= Dueling Dragons 1999; (7)= Son of Beast 2000; (6)= Millennium Force 2000; (5)= Superman Ride of Steel 2000; (4)= Boulder Dash 2000; (3)= X 2002; (2)= Top Thrill Dragster 2003; (1)= Kingda Ka 2005. Who’s Who Behind Every Ride; Amazing and True Stories; Complete List of USA Amusement Parks; Roller Coaster Records; Glossary. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Excellent.


TheThrillsAndChillsOfAmusementParks[Book: Jordan D. Brown and Mark Borgions – 2015 – 16x24cm – 52 Pages – Many colour illustrations]. Did you know that a roller coaster does not need an engine or power source of its own? Or that sugar has to be melted into a liquid to make cotton candy? Now you can become a Science of Fun Stuff Expert. Your friends will flip when you tell them what you’ve learned about the science of amusement parks! Chapter Points: The Science of “Ahhhhhhh!” (+‘The Forces Behind the Fun,’ ‘The Pulling Power of Gravity,’ ‘Laws That Coasters Obey’); The Science of “Whoooaa!”; The Science of “Yummmm!”; The Science of “Step Right Up!”; But Wait… There’s More! (+‘The History of Amusement Parks in America,’ ‘The Geography of Amusement Parks,’ ‘Amusement Parks By the Numbers,’ ‘Science of Amusement Parks Quiz’). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended for children.


ThroughMyGrandfathersEyesUnionPark[Book: Cindy Sand Nielsen – 2015 – 21x28cm – 156 Pages – Many B&W photos, few colour]. Union Park (Dubuque, Iowa) started as Stewart Park in 1891. The park was conceived as a way to introduce electricity to the City of Dubuque and as a way to provide a fun, family atmosphere, including amusement rides, live music, vaudeville acts and picnics. A flash flood on July 9, 1919 led to the demise of the park in 1934. This is the story of Union Park – including from a personal perspective. Chapter Points: Introduction; Acknowledgements; The Showcase of an Invention; “All Aboard the Trolley”; The Bonz Family – Caretakers of Union Park; The Wonder Cave – The Buildings and Concessions – The Rides and Children’s Playground; Vaudeville and The Mammoth Theater; Catastrophes at Union Park; “Zeno Remembers” – The Union Park Flood of July 9, 1919; The Rescuers; The Aftermath of the Flood – July 10, 1919; A New Beginning – The Purchase of Union Park; Union Park – A Personal Perspective; Tranel Family Members at Union Park; The Union Park Flood Victims; Appendices; Bibliography. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


ThroughTheYearsAtErieBeach[Book: H.I. Matthews – 1988 – 18x22cm – 40 Pages – Few B&W images]. The story of Erie Beach Amusement Park (Ontario, Canada); also known as: Military Reserve, Garrison Reserve, Snake Hill Grove, and Fort Erie Grove. Begins with: In the Beginning; 1901-Fort Erie Ferry and Railway Co; Park Map. Ends with: August 1930-Park closing for last time on Labor Day; Sept 1935-Erie Beach Hotel burns; January 1976-Casino demolished; 1988-the area today. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


TivoliBravoPjerrot[Book: Jesper Høm & Jytte Hauch-Fausbøll – 1965 – 11x18cm – 178 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. A Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark) photo book. Chapter Points: A Story; Say Something – Pierrot!; The Pantomime; The Beloved Gardens; Admirals and Shrimp Galore; The Music Plays; La Dolce Vita In The Tivoli; It’s Topsy Turvey!; An Expensive Joke; The Free Pleasures; Behind The Curtain; A Quiet Morning – A Wet Evening; Good-bye – ‘Till We Meet Again. Includes a flip-page animation of the Pjerrot/Pierrot Film and a fold-out map. (Danish text with English translation). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TivoliGardensHarryBenson[Book: Harry Benson – 2007 – 26x31cm – 244 Pages – Full colour]. Nestled in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark, Tivoli is one of the world’s most spectacular and popular amusement parks. Comprised of a lush green public garden, theme park, food, shopping, and performing arts centre, Tivoli has captured the hearts and imaginations of its visitors since it first opened its gates in 1843. This book contains stunning photographs, which capture the essence of Tivoli’s countless attractions – its performers, performances, and its visitors. (Danish script with English translation). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TheStoryOfTheFairytaleGarden[Book: Per Eilstrup ­– 2005 – 19x27cm – 66 Pages – Full colour]. Take a stroll through enchanting Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark), and learn fascinating facts about Denmark’s biggest attraction: its history, its founding father and his friendship with Hans Christian Andersen. Tivoli Gardens is unique. A Chinese pagoda-pastiche or a Turkish-inspired building with cupolas and minarets can of course be copied – but not Tivoli’s fairytale atmosphere of lights and sound, colour and adventure. Selected Chapter Points: The Oasis; The Tivoli Lake; Architecture and Design; The Illuminations; The Rides; Dining; Denmark’s Golden Age; Tivoli’s Founder; Tivoli 1843; Dark Times; Christmas at Tivoli. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TonyBaxter[Book: Tim O’Brien – 2015 – 14x22cm – 102 Pages – Many colour photos]. “Tony Baxter joined Walt Disney Imagineering when he was twenty-two years old and is among the first of a second generation of Disney creatives who fashioned the magic found today at Disney parks worldwide. Tony is credited for helping create such Disney attraction icons as Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, and the Indiana Jones Adventure. He has been called the “best pure thinker in the business,” and believes that the story is king. He has been lauded for his creative leadership at Disneyland Paris Resort, is a Disney Legend, and has a personalized window on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Park, considered by many to be one of the highest honours a Disney employee can achieve. From ice cream scooper in 1965 to senior vice president of creative development in 2013, this is his story.” Chapter Points: Foreword (by Tim O’Brien); Dreaming from the Ice Cream Parlour; Entering a New Era of Imagineering; Being Tony Baxter; Imagineering – A Brief Primer; Selected Bibliography; Acknowledgements; About the Author; About the ‘Legends & Legacies’ Series; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TowerAboveAll1991[Book: Jimmy Campbell – 1991 – 14x22cm – 158 Pages – Few B&W photos]. “A delightful words and pictures cameo of Blackpool, Britain’s best-loved holiday resort. Through the austere days just after the Second World War to the modern hi-tech amusements and leisure facilities of today, James Campbell’s diary records his observations, thoughts and memoirs about this ‘traditionally British’ resort.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Foreword (by Geoffrey Thompson, Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach); Introduction – Bygone Blackpool; The Bickerstaffes – A Century of Lifeboat Support; Background to Post War Period; [Chapters 1–16 =Jimmy Campbell’s diary of Blackpool visits and what he experienced there – shows, walks, interesting hotel and shopping experiences, Pleasure Beach visits, Pier visits, tram derailments, Tower Circus experiences, zoo visits, etc. – between October 1946 and December 1990]; Conclusion; Tourist Information Addresses. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TowerAboveAll[Book: Jimmy Campbell – 2003 – 15x21cm – 42 Pages – Few colour and B&W photos]. Blackpool and its amenities. Selected Chapter Points: Foreword (by Geoffrey Thompson, Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach); Introduction; Holiday Memories; Conditions Which Affect Tourism; The Tourist Information Centre; The Royal National Lifeboat Institute (+facts, history, financing); Blackpool Past: How Blackpool Got Its Name; The Bickerstaffe Family. Blackpool Present: Blackpool Pleasure Beach 235 Club; Richard Rodriguez’s 2,000 Hour Big Dipper Marathon; The Pleasure Beach – Over 100 Years of Fun; The Funhouse and The Laughing Man; Valhalla – The World’s Biggest and Most Spectacular Dark Ride; The Tower. Evening Entertainment: The Glorious Grand; The Illuminations. The Future: Resort Casino Hotels; Blackpool’s Billion Pound Blueprint For The Future; New Big Blue Hotel; Conclusion. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TrackingTheThrills[Book: Devin Olson – 2006 – 15x23cm – 140 Pages – Many colour photos]. Whether you’re the occasional park visitor or devoted thrill-seeker, here is your guide through North America! For each of fifty parks featured, you will discover a wealth of information, with comprehensive listings and honest reviews. You will also find valuable tips and recommendations for each park. This is your guide to ride on the wild side. Featured Articles: The Birth of a Phenomenon – Tracing the American Theme Park. From Dreams to Screams – The Making of a Modern Coaster. Commitment to Safety – Relentless Effort to Keep Thrills Rideable. Where to Go From Here – Following the Patterns Through Time. Coasting on Enthusiasm – An Obsession with Extreme Rides. Advice From the Inside – Get the Most Thrill for Your Dollar. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


TrilliumAndTorontoIsland[Book: Mike Filey – 2010 The Centennial Edition – 23x23cm – 120 Pages – Many B&W, few colour photos]. The year was 1910, and signs of progress were in the air. That June, a new steam ferry for the Toronto Ferry Company was launched and christened Trillium. After 46 years of service the ferry retired in 1956, only to be saved from the scrap yard in 1973. The Trillium made its second debut in 1976 as a fully operational steam ferry and is still in service today. As the Trillium reaches the century mark, we follow its remarkable rise, fall, and rebirth in a book that also honours Toronto’s most interesting treasures […including Hanlan’s Point Amusement Park, which was often promoted as “Canada’s Coney Island”]. Chapter Points: Forewords; Prefaces; Acknowledgements; Early History of Toronto Island; Life on Ward’s, Centre, and Hanlan’s Point; The Polson Iron Works; Rebirth of the Trillium; Credits. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


TrimpersRides[Book: Monica Thrash and Brandon Seidl – 2014 – 16x23cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “No trip to Ocean City, Maryland, is complete without a visit to Trimper’s Rides. The unforgettable bright lights, carousel music, and elated screams from rides on the Tidal Wave are cherished memories for generations who return to the park annually. The evolution and success of Trimper’s Rides embodies the American dream. It began when an enterprising German immigrant named Daniel B. Trimper and his large family took a chance on a little-known seaside town. They built a top-notch family-entertainment experience that continues to delight visitors today. The Trimpers rebuilt after storms, endured wartime challenges, and experienced periods of rapid growth and prosperity.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; A Leap of Faith; The Calm after the Storm; The Carousel Building; Come Take a Dark Ride; Midway Magic; Trimper Life. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TheTrolleytParksOfMaine[Book: Amber Tatnall, Randy LeClair & Doreen Rogan – 2012 – 22x28cm – 58 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos +maps]. With maps by Charles D. Heseltine. Join our tour of the many trolley parks that were operated by electric railways throughout Maine at the turn of the last century. Chapter Points: Acknowledgements and Notes; Introduction; Southern Maine– St. Aspinquid Park and York Beach, Cape Porpoise Casino. Around Portland–Riverton Park, Willard Beach Casino, Cape Cottage Park, Underwood Spring Park. The Heart of Maine–Lake Grove Park, Tacoma Inn, Island Park, Lakewood Park. Along the Coast–Casco Castle Park, Merrymeeting Park, Oakland Park. Notes; Bibliography; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


Trulla[Book: Helmut Fischer – 2004 – 21x30cm – 84 Pages – Full colour]. “75 Years of Tripsdrill (Cleebronn, Germany) – The Anniversary Magazine.” Chapter Points: Message from Premier Erwin Teufel; Editorial; Myths and Legends: Old Woman’s Mill – In Old, Return Young; Tripsdrill’s Old Myths and Legends; Source of Eternal Youth; Traditions and Customs: To Marry and Celebrate; Everything Swabian or What?; A Quarter Litre of Good Wine; One Heck of Fun; Nature and Animals: Among Wolves; Pedro (kangaroo) A Media Star; Family and Personnel: a Triple Hurrah!!!; Simply Tasting It (restaurant); Work Where Others Spend Their Free Time; Willi’s World; Inspiration and Innovations – Will the Castle Avenue be Removed?; Die Wetten, Dass..? – Roller Coaster; Around the Old Woman’s Mill; Credits. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


UnionPark[Book: Michael A. Boge – 1983 – 14x22cm – 120 Pages – 35 B&W photos]. Union Park (Dubuque, Iowa) was established in the late 1800s, and was the centre of amusements (including a wooden roller coaster) for old and young, from near and far. New ideas and plans were introduced with every season. People were happy. But on 9 July 1919, a brutal display by Mother Nature struck as a flash flood flushed through the park, taking almost everything – and everyone – with it. People were shocked! The park was rebuilt, but the memories of the flood, the arrival of the automobile and fading of the trolleys and other contributing factors caused Union Park to close in 1934. Chapter Points: Preface; In the Beginning; Stewart Park; Union Park; The Flood; The Revival; A New Beginning; Map; Pictures; Index; Bibliography. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


UniversalOrlandoStory[Book: Nick Sim – 2013 – 14x22cm – 302 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Take a look at the unofficial story behind Universal Orlando, the world’s most thrilling theme park resort. This book goes behind the scenes to reveal how the incredible ground-breaking rides at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure were created: ­from Kongfrontation (how was King Kong’s banana breath created?), to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (what are the rocks underneath Hogwarts Castle made of?). Whatever your questions about Universal Orlando Resort, this book has the answers! Enjoy an adventure through time as you discover how Universal Orlando developed into a place that has entertained tens of millions of people over more than two decades. Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Foreword; A ravenous rat; Giant apes, murderous sharks and cuddly aliens; A real-life disaster; Doc Brown to the rescue; I’ll be back; Through the Port of Entry; Islands of desertion; Alien Attack; Hollywood East; The most terrifying event on earth; The Wizarding World; Investment and optimism. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


UniversalOrlando2011[Book: Seth Kubersky & Kelly Monaghan – 2011 – 15x23cm – 290 Pages – Few colour photos and B&W maps]. The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure, including “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” Chapter Points: [1]= Planning Your Escape. [2]= Universal Studios Florida: Your Day; The Front Lot; Hollywood; Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone; World Expo; San Francisco / Amity; New York; Production Central; Extra Added Attraction. [3]= Islands of Adventure: Your Day; Port of Entry; Seuss Landing; The Lost Continent; The Wizarding World of Harry Potter; Jurassic Park; Toon Lagoon; Marvel Super Hero Island. [4]= CityWalk: Restaurants; Entertainment; Nightclubs; Shopping. [5]= The Resort Hotels: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel; Hard Rock Hotel; Loews Royal Pacific Resort. [6]= Staying Near the Parks. [7]= Universal Dining at a Glance. Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


UniversalStudiosFloridaGuide[Book: Tom Tipton – 1995 – 13x22cm – 184 Pages – Few B&W maps and charts]. “Universal Studios Florida: The Unofficial Guide To The Theme Park.” This is your ticket to the wonders and attractions of Orlando’s fastest-growing theme park, over 400 acres of rides, restaurants, studio tours, and movie magic. Whether you are in the mood for Kongfrontation, a trip Back to the Future, or a Fourth of July celebration, complete with fireworks and toe-tapping music, this is your complete guide to a great day at the movies. Chapter Points: Foreword; Universal Studios and “Movie Magic;” Introduction; Before You Pack; Plan Your Day; The Basics; Let’s Go to the Movies; Ride the Movies!; It’s Show Time!; Extra Attractions; Let’s Do Lunch; Shop ‘Til You Drop!; Special Interests and Needs; Previews of Coming Attractions; Looking Back; (Transportation, Accommodation, Attractions); Index; About the Author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


TheGuideToParamountsKingsIsland[Book: Charles Infosino – 2003 – 10x20cm – 146 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Paramount’s Kings Island (Kings Mills, Ohio) is one of the most popular amusement parks in the U.S. The 364-acre park has 12 roller coasters including The Beast and Son of Beast. The park offers eight themed areas with over 80 rides, shows, and attractions. Includes information on which rides might suit you best and which to avoid. Includes detailed descriptions of the park’s eight areas, and independent evaluations and technical information on every ride. Also recommends the best places to eat, shop, stay, and ways to optimise your time. Chapter Points: Introduction; History; Planning Your Trip; Directions; Lodging; Guest Services; Admission Fees; Dining at PKI; International Street; Paramount Action Zone; Oktoberfest; Coney Mall; Rivertown; Hanna-Barbera Land; Nickelodeon Central; WaterWorks; Touring Plans; Shows; Halloween at PKI; Index; Park Map; About the Author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


UnrivalledExcellenceHotIce[Book: Peter Bennett – 1997 – 21x30cm – 124 Pages – Many colour photos]. This publication tells the history of the famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach (England) Ice Show. Chapter Points: Foreword, by Betty Callaway – Olympic Coach; The Dawning of an Ice Age; The Opening Night; 1939-1945 Those Battling Years; Post 1945 A New Spectacle is Created; The Scene Changes; The End of the Ice Parade; It’s Showtime!; Creation of Hot Ice; Stage Works International. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


Up&Down[Book: Ralph Latotzki – 2015 – 20x26cm – 354 Pages – Many colour photos]. To celebrate the 100th birthday of the oldest wooden rollercoaster in Europe that still exists (Tivoli Gardens’ Rutschebanen 1914-), Up & Down presents every ride installation during the modern era of the wooden rollercoaster in Europe until today, and provides insights into the technical development of this ride type. Additionally, this book includes portraits of the people and the companies involved in the construction of those imposing structures. Chapter Points: Introduction; 1914-1939 (+Companies, People, and Rollercoasters – Rutschebanen x2, Scenic Railway, Hullámvasút, Montaña Suiza, Roller Coaster, Nickelodeon Streak, Blue Flyer, Grand National, Big Dipper, Cyclone, and Texas Tornado). 1950-1979 (+Companies, People, and Rollercoasters – Hochschaubahn, Tyrolean Tubtwist, Vuoristorata, Wild Mouse, Water Chute, and Vikingar). 1989-2014 (+Companies, People, and Rollercoasters – Anaconda, Pegasus, Sierra Tonante, Antelope, Megafobia, Runaway Coaster, Stampida, Tomahawk, Tonnerre de Zeus, Bandit, Wilde Maus, King Solomon’s Mines, Magnus Colossus, Robin Hood, Colossos, Loup Garou, Thunder Coaster, Coaster Express, Balder, Falken, Thunderbird, Troy, Mammut, El Toro, Joris en de Draak, Twister, and Wodan). Analysis; Annex. [Text is in both English and German]. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


UsingMathToDesignARollerCoaster[Book: Hilary Koll, Steve Mills & Korey T. Kiepert – 2007 – 20x26cm – 32 Pages – Full colour]. How much airtime can you build into a four-minute ride? How many loops and corkscrews? Mathematics is important in the daily lives of people everywhere. You may not realize it, but engineers use mathematics for everything from drawing up plans to inspecting structures for safety. In this book, students will be able to try lots of exciting mathematics activities, using real-life data and facts about roller coasters. If you can work with numbers, measurements, shapes, charts, and diagrams, then you could design a roller coaster! ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for children.


TheValuationOfAmusementParksAndFECOperations[Book: Stephen K. Bethel – 2009 – 22x28cm – 180 Pages – Few B&W graphs and charts]. Whether you are a business person, CFO, banker, investor, attorney or newcomer to the family entertainment center industry, this book is an invaluable guide for the appraisal of family entertainment center businesses, real estate and equipment. This book penetrates the amusement park industry mystique and empowers you by revealing the techniques for valuing amusement park businesses and their assets. Selected Chapter Points: Overview of the Family Entertainment Center Industry; Analyzing a Family Entertainment Center’s Financial Statements; Summary of Business Valuation Approaches; Business Valuation; Asset Valuation (Real Estate); Family Entertainment Center Asset Valuation (Equipment); Appendix. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.


VarvetSomBlevTivoli[Book: Margareta Cramér & Per Myrehed – 2009 – 14x19cm – 98 Pages – Few colour and B&W photos]. “Building History and Architecture at Gröna Lund (Stockholm, Sweden) studies the architectural antiquary of the old houses behind the rides and roller coasters at Gröna Lund’s Tivoli. We take a look at the houses, which now form part of the carnival. In several of the yard buildings are murals and woodwork interiors from the 1700s. The amusement park was created using the special carnival classicism of the 1920s, as you can see in the Spanish Steps (Bliss bridge), the dance floor and in the reconstructed main entrance, (Swedish script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


VeniceCaliforniaStanton[Book: Jeffrey Stanton – 1993 – 23x30cm – 232 Pages – Many B&W photos, few colour]. An updated and extended version of a 1987 publication. This book shall appeal to those interested in Southern California’s regional history, particularly Venice. Chapter Points: Building Ocean Park and Venice of America (1891-1906); Coney Island of the Pacific (1907-12); Growth Through the Teens (1913-19); Setbacks, Rebuilding and Political Confusion (1920-24); Annexation and Ruin (1924-29); Oil, Depression and War Years (1930-45); Dismantling of Venice (1946-72); Pacific Ocean Park (1958-67); Ocean Front Walk – An Unstructured Midway (1972-). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


TheViennaGiantFerrisWheel[Book: Helmut Jahn & Peter Petritsch – 1989 – 20x25cm – 62 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. On the 25th June 1997 this Viennese institution celebrated its one hundredth anniversary. Almost one million people a year take a ride on The Giant Ferris Wheel in the Prater. This book was co-written by Peter Petritsch, one of the Giant Wheel’s owners. Read about the design and construction of the wheel in 1896-1897, and see many historical photographs. Also, find out about the wheel as it operates today, with some amazing colour shots. Selected Chapter Points: Visitors from all over the World; the Idea, History and Progress; Almost Dismantled; The Second World War; Ownership; The Third Man; James Bond; Engineering and Maintenance. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


Volksbelustigungen[Book: Florian Dering – 1986 – 25x31cm – 248 Pages – Many B&W and colour images]. The history of popular amusements in public spaces: the fairground, festivals and showmanship. Selected Chapter Points: About this book; Public entertainment in public places – an overview; Early forms of merriment; Firms and manufacturers; The rides at the close of the 19th century: Ferris wheels, carousels, rocking and swinging rides – the haunted swing, roller coasters, autoskooters and other self-controlled rides, ghost trains and other indoor themed attractions, more rides. The amusement business; The Carousel King – Hugo Haase; Fairground art and design: facades, polyester mouldings, illumination, etc. Appendix. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


[Book: Christopher Flade / Sacha Szabo – 2011 – 15x21cm – 128 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “‘From Kulturpark Berlin to the Spreepark Plänterwald’ provides an insightful tour through the famous Berlin amusement park. Since its closing on the 5th November 2001, the abandoned Spreepark-Plänterwald amusement park has become overgrown with weeds and its rotting attractions strike a poetic image of decay. And yet, when you look at this terrain, you can still hear the hustle and bustle of 40 years of fun and excitement.” Selected Chapter Points: Introduction; The History Of Kulturpark And Spreepark; The History Of The Egg House; On The Way To Pleasure; The Entrance Into A World Beyond Everyday Life; Memories Of The Cultural Park; Rotating Cups (ride); Leisure In The GDR; Pirate Ship (ride); Anxiety And Thrill Creations; Jet Star (roller coaster); Culture Shops; Spreeblitz (roller coaster); Changing Times In The Leisure Park; Area Attractions Including The Giant Ferris Wheel; Experiences In The Spreepark; From A Fairground To A Theme Park; “Ferris Wheel” (ride); Welcome To The Spreepark; “Grand Canyon” (water ride); The Attractions In The Park; Legends Around The Spreepark; The Nerve-Tingling Roller Coaster; Well, Why Does Man Want To Be Happy? “Ghost House” and “Ghost Castle” (attractions); Spreepark Is Hustle And Bustle All Year; Life In The Closed Spreepark; The Spreepark Today; The Decay Of The Park; A Spreepark Essay; Bibliography; References; About The Authors; Acknowledgements. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.


WaldameerParkIoA[Book: Jim Futrell – 2013 – 17x24cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Waldameer Park (Erie, Pennsylvania) opened in 1896 and is one of the last surviving “trolley parks” in America. Originally, the park’s main attraction was its beach on the lake. Over the years, rides like Dip the Dips, Ravine Flyer, and Mill Run grew to be the main attractions. Today’s visitors may cool off in the Water World water park and enjoy thrill rides like the Comet, Steel Dragon, X-scream and Ravine Flyer II. Chapter Points: Foreword (by Paul Nelson); Acknowledgements; Introduction; Woods by the Sea 1896-1919; Highs and Lows 1920s-1930s; The Joy Spot of Erie 1940s-1970s; A Small Park Grows Up 1980s-1990s; Flying to New Heights 2000s-2010s; About NAPHA (National Amusement Park Historical Association). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


WalibiWorld[Book: 2004/05 – 16x23cm – 36 Pages – Full colour]. A promotional brochure written in Dutch, English and German documenting the areas, rides, and attractions of Walibi World (Biddinghuizen, Netherlands). Chapter Points: Welcome; Hollywood Main Street-Xpress; Boulevard de Paris-La Grande Roue; Canadian Yukon-Crazy River; Wild Wild West-The Flying Dutchman Goldmine; Walibi Land-Kiddie Rides; El Rio Grande-Splash Battle; Italia-La Via Volta; Mexico-El Condor & Goliath; Speed Zone-Space Shot. Sherwood Forest-Robin Hood. Show-The Return to King Solomon’s Mines. Includes a large park map. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.


WaltDisneyImagineeringMakingTheMagicReal[Book: The Imagineers – 1996 – 25x33cm – 192 Pages – Full colour]. How can you make dreams come true? Or transform a fantasy into a colourful, exciting world that visitors can move through, touch and enjoy? Such fabulous work is the daily business of Walt Disney’s Imagineers, a core group of creative and highly skilled professional wizards who combine imagination with engineering to create the reality of dreams that is Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland – the world’s most popular vacation kingdoms. From Space Mountain to Blizzard Beach, from Main Street, USA, to EPCOT’s Innoventions, this publication tells the complete story of the making of the magic, from the inside out. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.


WaltDisneyImagineeringMakingMoreMagicReal[Book: The Imagineers – 2010 – 26x34cm – 196 Pages – Full colour]. Here, the Imagineers serve up another dose of magic with an even closer look at who they are, what they do, and how they do it, illuminating their theories and explaining the tools they use and where and how they use them. Contained within are rough drawings, conceptual models and behind the scenes stories showcasing Disney’s newest attractions and innovations from the inside out. There’s also an exclusive peek into the Research and Development Lab to see what new magic will soon be appearing. The Imagineers tell their own stories – how they got there, what they do on a daily basis, and what they show their friends in the parks. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.


WaltDisneyWorldResortYearByYearJourney[Book: Walt Disney Productions – 1998 – 22x28cm – 224 Pages – Many colour photos]. Hop aboard as we take a nostalgic year-by-year trip into the past, as far back as 1971. The delightful text is accompanied by colour photographs of rides and attractions, some of which are long gone. The magical qualities unique to Disney are brought to life within these pages. A must-see and must-read publication for the Disney enthusiast. Chapter Points: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park: The Oasis, Safari Village, The Tree of Life, Africa, Dinoland USA. EPCOT: Future World, Test Track. Disney/MGM Studios: Attractions, Fantasmic!, Copperfield Magic Underground, The Rest of The World: Disneyquest, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney Cruise Lines (1998). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.