VHS_ConeyIsland2[VHS: Encore Entertainment – 1936~ – 58 mins]. Coney Island films from 1936 to 1954 captured by filmmakers from a variety of viewpoints. [1] “Movietone Newsreel” segment (1939 / 1:33) with comedian Lew Lehr with the opening of the 1939 season. [2] “Chimp’s Jamboree” (1945 / 9:26) is a recutting of “Shorty at Coney Island” (1936). [3] “Nickel Heaven” (1939 / 8:54) is perhaps the most interesting film for Coney buffs, as it takes a look at the decay setting in and ponders the future, which has almost come true. [4] “Coney Island” (1938-9 / 9:32) was produced by Eugene Castle for the home movie market. [5] “Carnival” (1941 / 8:03) is a curiously named short made for schools, and at no time do they identify Coney as the locale. [6] “Coney Island USA” (1954 / 19:53) International Prize Winner – Venice Film Festival. The gaudy razzle-dazzle of the World’s Greatest Amusement Park entering her final glory years. (Volumes 1&2 are also available on DVD). ANDY SHINE SAYS: I enjoyed watching the rides and attractions of yesterday. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.