DVD_ConeyIslandFilms[DVD: 1903~ – 60 mins]. “Coney Island” A breezy 1939 newsreel from the legendary producer William Castle extols the endless pleasures of Pre World War II Coney Island (9 minutes). “Shorty At Coney Island” 1939. An inquisitive young chimp spends the day exploring the delights of Steeplechase Park (10 minutes). “A Day’s Outing” 1930. An old time sing -a- long with organist Lew White about the romantic possibilities of a day at Coney Island (5 minutes). “Coney Island USA” 1954 One of the very best Coney Island films. The dawn to dusk activity of one glorious summer day at Coney (20 minutes). “Edison Films” 1903-04 Three early motion pictures by Thomas Edison. Steeplechase, Fighting the Flames & The Great Fire (7 minutes – silent). ANDY SHINE SAYS: This showcases Coney Island in its heyday. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.