ACE008[Magazine Vol.3/No.2: Summer 1982. 22x28cm – 40 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Letters to the editor. News and events – Lincoln Park opening day, World’s Fair ’82, Lee’s time tunnel – coastin’ through Billboard magazine. “Super Cyclone” (Coney Island story by Chuck Davis). Ups and downs (2 pages of news). Mike Danshaw’s 1981 park visits. Joe’s corner / member’s views. Hersheypark hosts Coaster Con 5 +Hersheypark’s roller coaster statistics. Richard Munch interview (3 pages). Coaster cartoons. Will Belmont Park’s Earthquake survive? Model roller coasters – part 1 (8 pages and 29 models). Recollections of West View Park’s “Racing Whippet.” ACE Feud / quiz. Super preservationist – Melvin Williams. Guess the coaster – unidentified PTC coaster (+answer from issue #7 = “Comet” at Suburban Park in New York). Robert Cartmell’s art. Issue #7 crossword answers. ACE profile – Katherine Schwartz. [Front cover: “Science Screamer” (model). Back cover: Belmont Park’s “Earthquake”]. [visit ACE]