ACE007[Magazine Vol.3/No.1: Spring 1982. 22x28cm – 40 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Consumer’s Products Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations. Letters to the editor. News and events – Lake Compounce Coaster Day, Edgewater Park closes, The “Grizzly” opens at Kings Dominion, ACE is 1,000 members strong, Belmont Park’s Earthquake saved, etc. Viper strikes at Darien Lake. ACE membership director – Clarence C. Hintze (profile). Kings Island’s Racer – a decade later (a 3-page feature). IAAPA Convention ’81 news and photos. Ups and downs (3 pages of news). Chuck Davis’ 1981 park visits. Coaster Con IV (10 pages). William L. Cobb interview (4 pages). National Theme Park Museum for Ohio. David Escalante’s roller coaster models. Recollections of the Coney Island “Tornado.” Guess the coaster – unknown “Comet.” David Oster’s art. Coaster Crossword (Richard Munch). ACE profile – Byron Derek Shaw. [Front cover: Kings Island’s “Racer.” Back cover: Kings Dominion’s “Grizzly”]. [visit ACE]