ACE003[Magazine Vol.1/No.3: Summer 1979. 22x28cm – 28 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Ocean View Park’s Rocket coaster destroyed for “The Death of Ocean View Park” movie. John C. Allen 1907-1979 (obituary). Coaster Con II highlights (+members’ comments, random thoughts, and thank yous). Colorado coastin’ – Elitch Gardens and Lakeside +Mister Twister – twisting misters. Christening of the Lightning Racer (1913-1915 ‘Redondo Beach Reflex’ news +Kim the coaster-riding dog, +Giant Dipper, etc.). Idora Park’s Wildcat – a power-house of thrills. One evening at Idora Park (report). Close-up on California #2 – Marriott’s Great America’s “Turn of the Century,” “Gulf Coaster,” “Willard’s Whizzer,” and “Tidal Wave” roller coasters. Ups and downs – Vincent Price hosts “America Screams,” New books, +Richard Rodriguez’s marathons news. Roller Coaster Scramble (Wordsearch by Roy J. Brashears). “I Lost It On The Beast” by Scotty Ferguson. [Front cover: Ocean View Park’s “Rocket” inferno. Back cover: The 135ft drop on “The Beast”]. [visit ACE]