ACE012[Magazine Vol.4/No.3: Fall 1983. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lake Compounce “Wildcat” opinions. Editorial. Letters to the editor. Third railers (Robert Cartmell details third rail roller coasters +Ocean Park California, Fort George New York, etc.). Preservation notes – George Siessel. Traver Cyclones – re-examination (6 pages). The treacherous Massachusetts Riverside “Cyclone” +Anthropomorphic sandbags (6 pages). Coaster Con 6 (11 pages of photos and comments). Classified ads. Movie review: National Lampoon’s Vacation. Boots and coasters (Harvey Steffke’s Western slant on Coaster Con 6). “It’s the research that counts” by Renee O’Connell. 12 ACE profiles. Lost 1920s Prior and Church coasters +Woodcliffe Park’s “Blue Streak,” Ocean Park’s “Giant Dipper,” etc. ACE Media Day at Idora Park. Vacation corner – B. Derek Shaw (+Valleyfair!, Adventureland, Deer Park, and Dickenson County Amusement Park). [Front and back covers: An aerial view of the Riverside “Cyclone”]. [visit ACE]