ACE011[Magazine Vol.4/No.2: Summer 1983. 22x28cm – 44 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Letters to the editor. Preservation notes – George Siessel. “The front seat” (Liucija Ambrosini). The Ponchartrain Beach Zephyr (4 pages). My favourite roller coaster that was never built (Robert Cartmell looks at Patent applications). An act of preservation (Lee O. Bush). Amusement Park Journal (advert). A Non-Top-Ten Top-Ten – three cheers for the underdog. Coaster wars of the 1920s (Joe Heflin looks at park promotion tactics). Crystal Beach Park “Comet” comments (3 pages). State Fair Park’s “Skyliner” endangered. 11 ACE profiles. The ACE anthology of poems (Harvey Steffke). European Coasters. Coney Island’s Thunderbolt (3 pages). Farewell Springlake Park (2 pages +demolition). Classified ads. [Front cover: Ponchartrain Beach’s “Zephyr.” Back cover: The “Zephyr” heads for the tunnel]. [visit ACE]