ACE010[Magazine Vol.4/No.1: Spring 1983. 22x28cm – 40 Pages – Colour cover, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Letters to the editor. Coaster mysteries (urban legends, and Woodcliffe Park on the Hudson and their “Blue Streak” coaster). Preservation notes – George Siessel. Elitch’s Mr Twister (3 pages). Lakeside’s Cyclone (3 pages). Time track (story by Harvey Steffke). “The roller coaster as very high art” by Ed Cowley. Opinions of Great Adventures’ Rolling Thunder racer. (3 pages). IAAPA Convention ’83 news. Carl Eichelman interview (4 pages). ACE profiles – Tom Halterman, Tom Hellstrom, Elaine Owen Hooley, Robert Thomas Hooley and John Page. Coaster Comix (cartoon). Marineland’s coaster latest. “retsaoC hcraeS” (Wordsearch puzzle). ACE Merchandise. Richard Munch’s “Harry G. Traver – Legends of Terror” book details. A guide to preparing material for Coaster World magazine. [Front cover: The station of Lakeside’s “Cyclone Coaster.” Back cover: A drop on the “Cyclone Coaster”]. [visit ACE]