ACE001[Magazine Vol.1/No.1: Winter 1979. 22x28cm – 12 Pages – 6 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Prospect ’79 (1979= “The Beast” for Kings Island, “Rolling Thunder Racers” for Great Adventure). “Welcome to COASTER WORLD, the official newsletter of the American Coaster Enthusiasts. The idea to form A.C.E took shape in 1977…”; CoasteRating – Allen Ambrosini. Close-up on Iowa – Riverview Park’s “Roller Coaster,” Adventureland’s “Tornado,” and Arnolds Park’s “Giant Coaster.” A day in the life of the Crystal Beach Comet. Ups and downs – Bob Cartmell completes his new book “Roller Coaster Fever,” and “Euclid Beach Park Is Closed For The Season” is presented to the A.C.E Archives by Lee Bush. CoasTeRIVIA – How the Grand Strand Amusement Park’s “Swamp Fox” roller coaster got its name. Editorial – recently closed parks: Dandilion Park, Ocean View Park, and West View Park, +save Belmont Park’s “Earthquake.” Editor’s note (ACE welcomes members’ feedback). [visit ACE]