SixFlagsOverTexasSecondEdition[Book: Clint Skinner – 2013 – Second edition – 15x23cm – 298 Pages – 43 B&W images]. Six Flags Over Texas was America’s first regional theme park. Chapter Points: Beginnings= The Founder [Angus G. Wynne]; Transition; Building the Park; The Aftermath. The Park of 1961= The Front; Mexico; Spain; Texas; The Confederacy; Skull Island; France; Modern America; Animal Kingdom. The Formative Years 1962–1963= The Morning After; Calm Before the Storm. A Change in the Guard 1964= The Park; The Trap. Years of Expansion 1965–1968= The New Regime; Business as Usual; Growth; The Surprise. End of an Era 1969–1970= Seeds of Doom; Collapse. The Pennsylvania Era 1971–1980= Recovery; A Steady Course; The Final Years. The Bally Era 1981–1986= The Invasion; Adaption. The Turbulent Era 1987–1996= Wesray Capital; Warner Takes Control; The Partnership. The Modern Era 1997–2011= The War; The Descent; The Revolt; A Second Chance. Appendices= (Notes. Index of Attractions. The Six Flags March. The Fiesta Train Theme Song. 1961 Railroad Spiel. 1974 Railroad Spiel. 1977 Casa Magnetica Spiel. La Salle’s Riverboat Adventure Spiel. Postcards from the Past). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.