RiverviewGoneButNotForgotten[Book: Chuck Wlodarczyk – 1977 – 21x28cm – 136 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Laugh Your Troubles Away at Riverview! For 63 years, just the mention of Riverview Park (Chicago, Illinois) sent tingles down the spines of children all over Chicagoland. Jump on the Fireball and the Crazy Ribbon, the Bobs, Chute the Chutes, Flying Turns, the Whip, and many more. Learn of the rise and fall of this much-missed U.S. amusement park. Also includes a chapter detailing other U.S. parks: Six Flags, Kennywood, Dorney Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, Kings Island and others. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.

  • Derek Sailors

    This was my second book on this once awesome park. The best of the two I have read thus far. I loved the style of writing where the author walks us through the park section by section telling us about each ride and attraction. Very readable with tons of great photos. Outside of this little tour the book gets choppy with it’s timeline but still lots of information and plenty of great photos. The book is no longer in print but finding used copies at a decent price is easy to do. I rate this one a 9/10.

    • Chuck Wlodarczyk

      The Book is still for sale by the author at Riverview Publications 745 Goodwin Drive Park Ridge, Illinois 60068 $18.95 per Copy + $6.75 Priority Mail All copies will be autographed … If you want it personalized state so when ordering

      • RCML

        Thank you Chuck Wlodarczyk. GREAT book about a fantastic amusement park.