KnottsPreserved[Book: Christopher Merritt & J. Eric Lynxwiler – 2010 – 24x24cm – 164 Pages – Full colour]. From the earliest days of the California farm, when Walter Knott, his wife Cordelia, and their children were serving up baskets of berries “as big as a man’s thumb,” to the advent of themed rides and the arrival of the fastest coasters the coast had ever seen – it’s all here. Selected Chapter Points: Foreword (Tony Baxter); Coughran’s Land; A Live Ghost Town; The Two Pauls; Gift Stars and Tom-Tom Seats; Ghosts Come To Ghost Town; The Family Builds A Mountain; Gypsies, Scares, And Bears; Enter The Beagle; New Beginnings. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.