ThemeParksButterworth[Book: Christine Butterworth – 1999 – 17x22cm – 50 Pages – Full colour]. What is the secret of a good ride? Why do millions of people go to theme parks every year? Chapter Points: The First Theme Parks and Fairs; Fun!; Faster; TV and Film Stars; How Is a Theme Park Made?; Planning; Designing; Choosing Themes; Putting It Together; Taken for a Ride!; Kinds of Ride; Making a Ride; Meet a Top Ride Designer John Wardley; Safety Facts; Crowd Control!; Testing; Past Disasters; Working in a Theme Park; Mark Bant – Entertainer (Chessington World of Adventure); Harry Spillet – Technical Advisor (Chessington World of Adventure); Louise Rawlinson – Ride Operator (Chessington World of Adventure); The First Roller Coasters; Ups and Downs!; The Latest Coasters; Facts; European Coaster Club; The Future; A Different World; Rides In Time And Space; Bigger And Better!; Glossary. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.