MoreKennywoodMemories[Book: Charles J. Jacques Jr. – 1998 – 21x28cm – 216 Pages – Many B&W, some colour photos]. Kennywood (West Mifflin, Pennsylvania) has become a local icon. The historic amusement facility is part of the fabric of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, and if anything would happen to it, the park would be sorely missed. Kennywood is a survivor, almost an anachronism, a successful urban amusement park in the 1990s. Chapter Points: 1898-1939 The Early Years; 1940-1979 The Park Faces New Challenges; 1980-1982 The Laser Loop; 1983-1984 Idlewild and More; 1985-1986 The Raging Rapids; 1987 Historic Kennywood; 1988 Kennywood Memories; 1989-1990 Sandcastle; 1991-1994 The Steel Phantom; 1995 Lost Kennywood; 1996-1997 Noah’s Ark and the Pit Fall. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.