FlyingWithFrankie[Book: Charles F. Gobel – 2012 – 15x23cm – 396 Pages – Few B&W photos]. A true story: “I’m about to lose my wife and I don’t want to lose my son too. That thought raced through my mind all day long, as my five-year old boy, Frankie, and I were enjoying our first day ever at an amusement park in 1994. Before exiting the park, my boy lured me onto the big roller coaster. That solitary journey hooked the two of us to the joys of gallivanting upon these flying machines, and for the next fifteen summers that’s basically all we did. The divorce proved no match for the wonderful memories that accompanied all of our trips, and the steadfast bond grew between us, merely in pursuit of our beloved joyrides.” 37 Chapters +“The Not for the Squeamish List,” a critical analysis of over 115 major roller coasters that Charles and Frankie rode. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.