VHS_Mantis[VHS: Cedar Fair L.P. – 1995 – 4 mins]. How much can you stand? Cedar Point (Sandusky Ohio) is introducing its twelfth thrilling roller coaster in 1996. “Mantis is the world’s highest, fastest, steepest stand-up roller coaster. It’s 145 feet high, travels at 60 miles per hour, has a 52-degree drop, four upside-down turns and two first-ever features.” ANDY SHINE SAYS: This short promotional video shows a perspiring scientist who tells of his experiment – involving praying mantises – which has gone awry. Computer imagery shows ‘on-ride’ and ‘off-ride’ footage of the soon-to-debut Mantis roller coaster, as well as on-screen captions telling us additional facts about it. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.

  • This was our first stand-up coaster; seeing it transformed into a floorless is exciting but a little bitter-sweet! Long live Banshee… we mean Mantis!