VHS_GetToThePoint94[VHS: Cedar Fair L.P. – 1994 – 20 mins]. “A Video Tour of Cedar Point on Lake Erie: includes Raptor footage new for 1994! Get to the Point is an entertaining and exciting collection of memories to take home from Cedar Point, the Midwest’s finest amusement park.” Ride the Magnum XL-200 – the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster in the world. Challenge the 161ft tall Mean Streak – the tallest wooden roller coaster on the planet. Fall prey to Raptor – the world’s biggest inverted roller coaster. Take a raft ride through 1,600ft of raging rapids and, enjoy a nostalgic look at Cedar Point and its attractions through rare historical film footage in this entertaining and exciting collection of memories. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This programme could have done with being a bit longer and featuring all the coasters and major flat rides at the park. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.