DVD_BygoneBlackpool[DVD: Bygone Films – 1930s~ – 52 mins +bonus feature]. Compiled from an extensive collection of 1930s-1970s cine film (with narration). Chapters: Blackpool 1930s-style; Our Home Town; Inside the Tower; Beach Memories; Stanley Park; Blackpool Football Club; The Pleasure Beach (Colour footage: Double Eli wheels, Noah’s Ark, Virginia Reel, Flying Machine, Turtle Chase, Dodgems, Derby Racer, Cableway, Grand National, etc.); Miscellaneous Scenes; Parades; The Entertainers; A Tour of the Illuminations (including colour film of Blackpool Pleasure Beach at night: Casino ‘clock,’ Speed Boats, Jack & Jill, Calypso, Big Dipper, Ski Jump). Bonus film: “Bygone Britain” (56-minutes including holidays and holiday camps’ footage). ANDY SHINE SAYS: Originally released on VHS in 1996, the 6-minutes of Blackpool Pleasure Beach colour footage were particularly wonderful. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.