ByTheBeautifulSea[Book: Charles E. Funnell – 1975 – 16x24cm – 228 Pages – Many B&W photos and illustrations]. By The Beautiful Sea: The Rise and High Times of That Great American Resort, Atlantic City. From its beginnings on the windswept New Jersey coast at the end of the 1860s, Atlantic City was a forthright monument to the pursuit of pleasure, the very first place in America devoted to the principle that there was nothing evil about having a good time. It was shortly after the Civil War when Philadelphia entrepreneurs hit upon empty Absecon Island as a potential gold mine, bought it up, and laid the rail line that would soon bring customers rolling in for a breath of sea air – and whatever else was going. Hotels, restaurants, pavilions, boarding houses, piers, the great Boardwalk of amusement…” Chapter Points: Preface; The Great Democracy Claims a Washbasin; Newport of the Nouveaux Bourgeois; Games for the Mauve Predicament; The Perspectives of Janus; Babylonian Days (+A Photographic Album); Not Too Far From the Madding Crowd; “Fallen Lady”; Notes; Selected Bibliography; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.