TheSecretsOfAmusementParkGamesRevealed[Book: Brian Richardson – 2002 – Second edition – 11x17cm – 92 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Tired of seeing some other guy win the big stuffed animal? Fed up with winning little trinkets while Joe Blow needs a wheelbarrow to lug home his prizes? This book will make YOU the master of the midway! Chapter Points: Introduction; The Milk Can / Softball Toss [Milk Churn Ball Toss]; The Peach Basket Softball Toss [Lobster Pots]; The BB Gun Star Shootout; The Ring Toss; The Golf Ball Roll Race Game [Kentucky Derby]; Water Gun Race Game; The Curly Bar Ring Guide [Electric Coil / Ring Guide]; The Basketball Shoot; The Age/Weight Guess; The Ball Throw (including: The Clown Dunk, Football Toss, Three Bottle Knock-Off, Three Cats Knock-Down); The Golf Putting Game; Sign Ball Bounce Off [Rebound]; Games I Personally Avoid! (Test of Strength – Game); Richardson’s “Official” Top Ten Steel and Wooden Roller Coasters in America!; Ten Tips For Making Your Park Stay Most Enjoyable. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.