FrontierVillageIoA[Book: Bob Johnson – 2013 – 17x24cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. In the late 1950s, businessman Joe Zukin Jr. dreamed of building an amusement park with a Wild West theme. His dream was realized with the 1961 opening of Frontier Village (San Jose, California). Among the trees rose a fantasy frontier town complete with a Main Street, where hourly gunfights saw the bad guys carted off to Boot Hill. Visitors could relax in the town square, ride in a stagecoach, venture into a haunted mine… The park closed in 1980, but fond memories live on in those who visited or worked at Frontier Village. Chapter Points: Foreword (Allen Weitzel); Introduction; Opening the Frontier; The Heart of the Village; Rides and Attractions; Indian Island; Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Fall Guys; Costumed Characters; Village People; The Last Round-Up. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.