BlackpoolSeasideHeritage[Book: Allan Brodie & Matthew Whitfield – 2014 – 21x21cm – 152 Pages – Many colour photos]. Selected Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Foreword (by Laurie Magnus); Introduction; Early Blackpool 1750–1840 (+The origins of Blackpool, Blackpool in the late 18th century, Blackpool before the railway); The arrival of the railway 1840–1870 (+The development of the town, Blackpool in the 1860s); The rapid growth of Blackpool 1870–1914 (+Blackpool’s entertainment facilities, The Winter Gardens, Progress, Blackpool’s entertainment industry, Blackpool Tower, Catering to visitors, Blackpool before World War I, Defending Blackpool); Blackpool after 1918 (+Interwar, Post-war, Challenges); Blackpool in the early 21st century (Blackpool’s Masterplan, Implementing the Masterplan, The future); Notes; References; Further reading. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.