BlackpoolTowerBillCurtis[Book: Bill Curtis – 1988 – 18x23cm – 140 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “Blackpool (England) was emerging as a major holiday resort serving the thriving mill towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire at the time Monsieur Gustav Eiffel built his great tower of iron and steel in Paris. The Lancashire town’s amusement caterers were turning from serving well-to-do visitors to a new concept of wooing the masses. And what better to attract hordes of day trippers than a tower, soaring up into the sky? A tower that would be visible from miles away. A tower that could be ascended to the top – if you were daring enough you could leave the lift and clamber up the last flight of steps to a platform near the top from which you could see the Welsh mountains, the Isle of Man, the Lakeland hills and almost the whole of the Lancashire coastline. Associated with the Tower was the Circus, described in early programmes as “A Palace of Pleasure in itself”. The Tower also incorporated the Menagerie, Aviary and Aquarium established earlier by a Dr William Cocker. And before long there was also a magnificent ballroom where holidaymakers could dance the day away.” Chapter Points: Dedication; Acknowledgements; Opening Day; The Emerging Resort; Palaces and Towers; The Tower is Born; Opposition; Celebrations and Disasters; The Ballroom; The Wonder Wurlitzer; The War Years; Children in the Tower; The Menagerie and the Aquarium; The Circus; Maintenance; The Ballroom Fire; “The Tower needs people”; Yesterday and Tomorrow; The Tower Structure; The Tower Ascent; The Circus; The Tower Aquarium; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.