blackpoolilluminationslightpool[Book: Andrew Hazlehurst, Dave Riche, Richard Ryan, Alex Rinsler, Mykey Young and the Illuminations Archive – 2016 – 21x26cm – 36 Pages – Full colour]. “This souvenir programme is the definitive guide to ‘The Greatest Free Light Show on Earth’ and includes photographs of some of your favourite features from today and yesteryear, plus lots of fascinating facts about the Illuminations’ history. The brochure’s content dates to the very origins of where it all began (in 1879) and features exclusive insights and interviews, including an in-depth feature telling the story of when the Disney Company was a key partner of the Illuminations.” Chapter Points: Foreword – ‘Welcome To Blackpool’ (by Gillian Campbell); Illuminations Now; Illuminations – Back In Time; The Golden Years; Lightpool; Lightpool Village; Lightpool Festival 2016; Neon – The Charged Line (exhibition at the Grundy Art Gallery); Around The World; Illuminations Merchandise / Photos; Illuminations App; Laurence Llewelyn Bowen; Switch-On Stars (1934–present); Heritage Trams; Competition Time; The Friends of Blackpool Illuminations. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.