BlackgangChine[Book: Blackgang Chine and Fidelity (Basildon, Essex) – 1975/6 – 15x21cm – 24 Pages – Many colour photos]. “Blackgang Chine Gardens are to be found at the southern corner of the Isle of Wight, situated on a cliff-top almost 400 feet above sea level, overlooking the English Channel. From such a unique observation point the view is breathtaking. On a fine day, with the sea glittering in the sunlight, one can see the whole south-western coastline of the island stretching away for 15 miles to the majestic white cliffs at Freshwater, with the ‘Needles’ and the lighthouse beyond… The word ‘Chine’ is in fact of Saxon origin meaning ‘a chasm or gorge that has been formed in a cliff face by the erosive action of wind and water’. The origin of ‘Blackgang’ is little more than legend and is said to derive from the activities of a gang of smugglers who frequented this part of the coast and its small villages in bygone days… Blackgang Chine, which is privately owned, was first opened to the public as long ago as 1843 by Alexander Dabell and his wife and have been continuously developed ever since by succeeding generations of the same family. The Chine, now managed by the founder’s great grandson, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the South of England, and as can be seen, every effort has been made to preserve the landscape’s natural beauty, whilst at the same time providing visitors and their children with the facilities and comforts that they require to make this a memorable and exciting visit…”. Chapter Points: Introduction; Gnomes’ Garden; Model Village; The Fairy Castle; The Whale; Nursery Land; Dinosaurs; Map of Blackgang; Water Garden; The Mouth of Hell; Buffalo Creek; Totem Pole and Wigwams; Observatory; Adventure Park; Smugglers’ Cave; The Crooked House; The Museum; The Pillory and Stocks; The Wishing Chair and Well. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.